Women for almost four weeks is really a memorable and unforgettable experience for me. It was memorable because I got to know deferent kinds of people and I got the chance to mingle and make friends with them. It was unforgettable because I have learned many things about my self. I was able to test my patience and Vive seen my self-worth. At first, I wasn’t confident that I’ll be doing well with the tasks that will be given to me. I was afraid to fail and I felt that I Just wanted to give up.

I am no good In leaning with others because I feel that I may not meet their expectations. I am scared to let myself known to others and eventually be attached to them because If we will be away from each other, I know that It will really be hard for me. But as days passed by, the barrier that separates me from the residents was gone. I chose to show my real self to them and I let them know the real me. During the first week, It was a bit hard to approach and get to know some of the residents. They are always in their rooms and whenever we facilitate an activity, they didn’t want to join.

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I just told myself that I cannot please everybody and I just let them be. I believe that if I will force them to like me and cooperate with the activities that we prepared, things will just be worse. Although there were few who are aloof with us, most of the residents felt at ease with us instantly. They are the residents who participated in all the activities that we gave them since Day 1 . They showed us that they want us there and that they are accommodating. They always come to us to share stories and life experiences.

As the days passed by, the residents who felt uncomfortable started to bond with us, they are now the ones who always ask if we are giving an activity or not. These residents were the ones who are really snob at first and seemed not to care whenever we are around. Because of this observation, I gave an extra time and effort for them not to feel bad and I let them know that I will do no harm to them. I became patient enough for them to realize that I am there to help and be a friend to them. And I think that they have seen my those. They let me know them and they are now kind to me.

I am very happy because these residents are now opening up to me about their problems and some concerns. It seems that first impression never lasts. They gave a big trust on me because they shared their personal experiences and they told me their own reasons for their rehabilitation Inside. And I appreciated the trust that they put on me. Being with the residents is really a worthwhile experience to me. They taught me how to value myself and be thankful for all the blessings that God gives me. They taught me about many lessons In life that can help me as I grow up.

They help me realize that I should be responsible for all the things that I will do. They help me realize the real meaning of friendship. They taught me that one should value the other In order to have a harmonious relationship. They help me become aware of the Issues and concerns about women, especially the abused ones. Most Importantly, they help me know myself better. I will surely treasure my practicum experience In the Institution. The trainings that I have learned from the institution and the superiors will really be a Nell Tort my Utter profession.