If I were to try and explain frequency to a common foot soldier, I might go along the lines of something he would clearly understand; guns and bullets. To start, I would talk about firing a belt fed . 50 caliber machine gun being fired at a lake with only every other shell being live. He would probably give me some guff about how the gun would?wet work because of the blowback required by each shell to cook and re cook the weapon, but I would ask him to Just pretend It would fire at a steady rate.

Then I would explain that his target is below the surface of the lake and that by firing a steady stream of rounds at it, we might be able to hit it. (Well, this probably will not happen as anything that is covered by feet or more of water is fairly safe from being struck by conventional bullets. ) While he is happily firing away at the target, I would direct his attention to the circular ripples on the surface of the target area being created by the impact of the . 0 caliber slugs striking the water?was reface in a steady stream, the spacing between them, and then mention how the spacing relates to the frequency to the impacts. I would also say that since the bullets were being fired at a steady rate, that we could say that they were fired in an analog fashion. Being the professional sharpshooter that most soldiers should be. He Is going to notice that the target still has not been struck yet, so I will have him try loading the weapon with a new belt.

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This belt will have every shell live, and with 10 extra grains f powder added to each shell to increase the pressure being applied to the slugs to help get them to travel faster, and penetrate deeper into the water. While he is again firing away at the submerged target, I would explain that the gunpowder represents voltage, and that voltage Is a measurement of pressure that Is applied to electrons to get them to travel through a conductor. The more gunpowder that Is used, the further a bullet will travel.

The same with voltage, the more pressure applied to the electron, the further the electron will travel. I will tell him that the speed of the bullet is much like current, and that current is the measurement used to gauge the speed of electrons. Satisfied that the soldier understands what I have presented to him so far, I will introduce him to resistance by explaining how the bullet is speeding along just fine until it encounters the water where it slows down and how it the same with electrons, they speed along until they encounter resistance.

Now that he has understood all of that, I would have him change weapons from he . 50 caliber machine gun too bolt action . 50 caliber Barrett sniper rifle. With the Dolt Acton reel, en will not De addle to Tire ten Dullest In a steady analog stream, en will be firing one shot at a time, with a slight space in between. I would tell him that since he is firing in this manner, he is no longer firing in an analog fashion, but in a digital modulation fashion. I cannot locate MS Draw, but here is what analog and digital waves could look like: Analog: Digital: