The first exhibit that we came across was the distorted room. It was a room that looked into room the outside and it appears as if the people inside were getting larger and larger, as the room was getting smaller and smaller. It was a room that had to do with perception, because even though it looked as if the people were growing, it was Just the room that had a gradually rising floor that rose towards a distant focal point. I learned that my brain Interprets this scenario In a way to help me make since of what Is exactly going on to make sense to me.

Another exalt that I visited was a room that Is considered as a “sound room”. With In this room, you are able to select a song, ND listen to It as loud or as soft as you want because with the sound being trapped inside this room, no one on the outside can hear a thing unless they come inside as well. This might seem like a physical exhibit, but what I noticed or how I related it to psychology was by Judging how some of the people in the room found the music to be calming and cheerful, where as others found the music to be annoying, and heart rising.

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Music can affect someone differently depending on the instruments that are being used, the vocalist that is singing the song, and the pitch of noise that’s coming room the speakers. While there I put on an instrumental song known as “Pink Panther”. For me, the song was soothing, pleasurable and relaxing compared to the crowdedness and loudness on the other side of the walls from which I was In. For others In this room, It wasn’t something they were In the mood to listen to, Judging by their facial expressions and physical movements.

I learned that music affects each person differently. The third exhibit that I visited at the Exploration had to deal with the human brain. At the museum they had an actual human brain with an outline of a woman’s head, so I assume it was a females brain. Seeing an actual human brain for the first time is something I’ll never disregard. I got to actually see first hand different parts of the brain like; the frontal lobe, primary motor cortex, cerebellum, and various other parts of the brain.

On a separate table, they had actual cut outs of the brain. There were I believe twenty-six, individual slices of the brain starting from the front to the back. This section allowed me to see different parts of the internal structure of the human brain. These individual slices of the brain allowed me to see; the medulla, temporal lobe, diminishable, corpus callous, and various other parts of the Internal structure. The forth and final exhibit I vaulted wasn’t really an obvious demonstration at all.

This display made the biggest Impact on me of all. This display doesn’t have a name, because it was just the tile on the wall AT ten Dominator Walton ten Exploratory. I en tile was mace out to KICK as IT can tile was a different shape and size. However if you took a closer look at it you will notice that each tile had the exact same dimensions. What shocked me the most bout this display was that it seemed as if I was the only person who realized what was really going on.

As I was pointing it out to my friends, I noticed other people listening to me, and noticing what I had saw first, than they would show it to their families. This and another situation made me wonder exactly how does my brain work compared to others? It seems as if I notice these different illusions easier than most people. I wonder what does this say about the functions of my brain? As a whole, the Exploration, was a very mind blowing experience. It helped me to better understand exactly how the brain works.

Specifically how my brain interprets different illusions such as the distorted room. It helped me to understand how music affects different people mentally and emotionally. The actual human brain, and the cut out slices of the brain, helped me to better understand how each part of the brain controls everything that you do. Finally the visit to the science museum made me question exactly how my brain works compared to others because of the tile in the bathroom wall. I will never look at anything the same way ever again.