We are at the verge of electing a new government. Keeping previous polices of leading parties In mind, we are expecting numerous relief for industries related to child health. We are introducing bio degradable product which will help in preserving the environment and will enable us to claim government support. DIARIES promotional activities will be supported by Rudder’s climate policy. Economic growth in Australia is pretty much evident comparing to any other part of the world. That’s true interest rate is increasing abruptly but on the same note it is showing economic growth.

Strength of Australian Dollar comparing to American Dollar is one of the supporting factor. Australians are health conscious nation. One of its evident example is there is no SST on organic food. They are very conscious with their young generations. DIARIES will provide relief to the mothers of Sydney. The basic relief for mother is acid free product for their children. It is going to be revolutionary product in baby care which will remarkably affect the buying habit of mothers. DIARIES will be challenged by a number of competitors being settled not only In

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Australian market but round the world for quite a long time. The competitive edge DIARIES has is acid free and bio degradable. Environment friendly nature of product will be a selling point comparing to competitor. Introduction of different movie characters will develop children’s Interest In DIARIES. Internal factors Segmentation Is of four types Geographical segmentation Is very Important part of market. Our target market Is In Sydney NEWS. It is a very big city with the population of 4. 5 million (apron). And the cellmate Is mountain sunshine mean Tanat people are more likely to take snorer.

Our main target under demographic segmentation is 1 to 12 years old babies. There is no difference in product for male and female. Family size does not matter for this product. Anyone can use this product of every age. Because of its cheap and competitive price every one can afford. Under behavior segmentation we are targeting the benefit seeking people because people will buy this product Just for their kids comfort. In cryptographic segmentation people have different life style and their preferences are changed as they passed through different life experiences.

People will change their preferences regarding this product because this is cheap and anyone can use this product. There is no need to buy different products for different person in one house Our potential users are children but now we are trying to expand our segment market to old people. And the attitude toward product is very enthusiastic because people with small kids are very happy with this product. Market targeting strategy: According to the characteristics of product and analysis of the segmentation of the market, the best marketing strategy is undifferentiated market.

By offering product for the children with different variation like some famous cartoon characters on deride band and as well as for the old age people. Market positioning: Stop the tear with diaries, people think about this product as no more soap eye. These are the important attribute of the product. Positioning strategies: Diaries position their product in the context of product attribute as a low price and in context of benefit diaries position their product as “no more soap eye”. Branding strategy: Diaries will slowly build the brand image and logo in the mind of the people.

This will be the part of the marketing strategy for the next two to three years. This branding strategy will include business cards broaches and staff uniforms. Diaries will present this image as a honorable and dependable. Product strategy Dresses wall De available In market In Deterrent colors. Nine catching pilot wall De an introduction of printing of cartoon characters along with their respective textures. Diaries will offer one month money back guarantee and one year replacement warranty. Product will carry medical labeling stating its approval with Australian

Medical Association and this will be the unique selling point. Distribution strategy Diaries will be distributed in well reputed Australian departmental store like Coles, K- Mart, Big W, Wool Worth and Medical stores. Advertising strategy Small scale advertising will be started by the Diaries because of limited resources. Initial advertising will be executed by dropping broacher in letterbox and through Email and Through website. After three to four month later we will reassessed and keeping in mind our finance condition we will advertise our product on national T. V