The story of the death of Okra’s father is told as a flashback. On 9/1 1, Okra’s father desperately tries to call home from the Twin Towers while Oscar is the only one in the house. However, something inside of Oscar keep him from picking up the telephone. After his father’s death, Oscar disconnects the telephone and hides It In his room. Okra’s guilt over his father’s death eventually leads him to explore the contents of his parents’ closet, where he finds many of his father’s old belongings. Among his father’s possessions is a blue vase which Oscar accidentally breaks.

Inside of this vase Is an envelope, containing a mysterious key. Also, written on the envelope Is the word “Black,” leading Oscar on an epic Journey throughout New York-s five boroughs to find the lock which the key opens. Throughout this journey, Oscar meets many interesting people and in the end, is healed of his grief. Stylistic Elements: * use of different perspectives use of visuals * Writing styles (Fore uses different writing styles based on the speaker. For example, when Oscar tells the story, Fore writes in the voice off child) Questions: 1 .

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Throughout this assigned reading, Fore switches the perspective to that of an UN- named character. Who Is this new character? 2. Flipping through the pages of the book, I see many random pictures In a row. What Is the purpose of this use of pictures? Does the use of the pictures add to the meaning or impact of the story? Journal Entry 2: 75-174 In this particular section of Jonathan Saffron Foyer’s novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the audience reads the life-story of another anonymous character, 1 OFF whom we can assume to De a relative AT Oscar, most Kelly Nils grandmother. Eating this character’s story, we learn of how she encountered her future-husband after many years of separation. You see, back in Dressed, the character lived with her family, including her sister, Anna, who was engaged to be married. When Anna and her unborn child died during the bombing of Germany, the fiance©e came to America to try to forget his troubles. Then one day, he and the character met in a coffee shop and are married soon after. Also, within the span of this reading, Oscar begins his search for the mysterious lock by visiting the first stop on his extensive list of possible locations.

Oscar hopes to visit every single person in the New York area who has the last name “Black” in the hope that they can shed some light on where the key may be located. We also read of Okra’s various insecurities and dilemmas when the school bully teases him for being intellectual during Okra’s first performance of Hamlet. Also, Oscar wonders why his mother only comes to one of his three performances. After the completion of the plays, Oscar resumes his search for the mysterious lock. Coincidentally, the subject of his next stop lives in the same building. The man, who s 103 years old, agrees to help Oscar with his search. . Why would the man who cannot speak marry the woman so spontaneously? 2. Why does Oscar seek the old man’s help? Does Oscar want the help of the old man because he wants a paternal figure to take the place of his father? Journal 3: 174-262 This passage from Jonathan Saffron Foyer’s novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close traces the story of a male unknown character, who we can conclude is Okra’s grandfather. The grandfather and grandmother have an interesting relationship in that they do not really even love each other; instead, they use each other to provide a arm of companionship.

You see, Okra’s grandfather is afraid to love anything because the last time he loved someone?Okra’s great aunt?she died, along with their unborn child. Finally, he decides to return to Dressed and leave his new wife, who is pregnant. He often writes letters to his “unborn child. ” Later, Oscar visits a psychiatrist who insists on sending the grieving Oscar to an institution, where he can recover. During this time, Oscar and his mother reach an understanding of each other and are at ease.

Finally, when exploring his randomness’s apartment, Oscar discovers within one of her drawers many envelopes addressed to “my unborn child. ” Being a curious boy, Oscar decides to explore the rest of the apartment and finds a mysterious man, who resembles his unknown grandfather, waiting in the guestroom under the alias of “the renter. ” Together, Oscar and “the renter” embark to continue the quest to find the lock. 1. Why does Okra’s grandfather not give his true identity? 2. Where are all of the letters that the grandfather sent? Has the grandmother read them and disposed of teem, Ana IT so w journal 4: 262-326

During these last few pages of Jonathan Saffron Foyer’s novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Oscar gets to know the “renter” and wonders why he has never met the mysterious man before. Meanwhile, Okra’s grandfather explains the tremendous guilt he has felt after leaving the family alone in a strange country, which inspires him to return to Okra’s grandmother. Also, she is entirely against the grandfather’s meeting Oscar. As Oscar is concluding his travels, he realizes that his mother has known about his quest from the start, which is something that he wanted to avoid in that he thinks hat his mother has betrayed his father.

In fact, Okra’s mother has been calling ahead to the people whom he is visiting. One day, upon returning home from a visit, Oscar checks the messages on the answering machine?which he never does?to find that the first person whom he visited left him a message stating that she had not been entirely truthful with him when he asked her the whereabouts of the lock. She tells Oscar that her ex-husband knows about the key and Oscar goes to visit him. After his visit with the ex-husband, Oscar learns that the key and lock belong to the ether of the ex-husband, who wanted to sell his belongings at a yard-sale before he passed away.

The story ends with Oscar and his mother reaching a perfect understanding in that he realizes that it is normal and perfectly acceptable to grieve over the loss of a loved one, but you should not let it consume you. Also, Oscar imagines what life would be like had that fateful day not happened. 1 . Why does Fore end the story with Oscar not having learned the identity of the “renter? ” 2. What inspired Fore to use pictures in his novel, and how do they add to the novel?