Mark Seersucker. Mark and a couple of friends put Faceable together to keep fellow college students connected. Since Its creation It has taken the world by storm, It now at about an average of five million new members per week, which makes It the fastest growing social networking site ever. Faceable has done a tremendous amount of positive things In Its short life so far. It has the ability to help bring families closer together that live great distances apart. For example sharing photos, videos and even those candid moments that you could armorial only share from memories.

You now can upload these images from your computer or even your cell phone instantly to your page so that loved ones can see moments they would not normally get to see. Also it has helped reconnect people with long lost friends such has people you went to elementary, high school or even college with, it also keeps you in touch with current friends has well. Faceable does all this with great ease, what would have taken hours, days; weeks even months, now can be done in Just a few minutes. In addition, Faceable as a marketing tool has done tremendous things.

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Especially now days where everyone is looking it up on the internet first to find out what everyone else thinks about the product or service they need or desire. But for all the good it has done, it seems Faceable has some negatives too. Faceable has taken away some of our personal social interaction that as a society we need and crave. With Faceable you no longer have to call people on the phone, just write on their wall or carry on a conversation with its instant message feature. It is the new way to hangout we have to meet people for coffee, lunch or go to their house any longer, instead you can Just log In.

In general we are losing that face to face contact in our everyday lives little by little that we need as a society to Interact. By Just logging in and typing there Is that lack of personality. For Instance, a person generally cannot tell when someone Is being sarcastic, or hear the little voice Inflections that can tell simple emotions that can only be heard. Another good example Is Jokes. Have you ever read a Joke and It seem funny? But later someone told the same Joke In person and It was hilarious!

The loss of privacy Is another Issue that people are Just starting to realize. For example, when you post all of your mundane daily rituals, your embarrassing moments, or last night pictures from the club for everyone to read or see it is starting to have unforeseen consequences. With companies now starting to find future employees through Faceable, they base what they read or see on whether they s o a Nile Tanat person or not. Even current employers are starting to blew tenet employees Faceable pages to decide if they should promote or even to keep some employees.

So peoples private time away from work is starting to come in to question not whether they are adequately qualified for the Job or have been doing a good Job, it is now starting to be based on how the company feels about your Faceable page. In conclusion, Faceable for better or worse has done many wonderful things. Whether you have used it to stay in contact with family and friends, to Join a club, or seed it as a marketing tool to promote your business, the odds are someone you know has.

If you still have not yet become a Faceable member, I am sure that in some way it still has touched your life. So I ask you to keep this next part in mind the next time you log in to hang out with your family and friends instead of going to see them in person. Our society was built from human contact, and we have formed towns, communities, cities, countries, and even cultures from this. So each time we hit that button and log on I feel that we lose a little bit more of our humanity.