FADE IN:INT. THE CRUMBLED RUINS OF A ONCE GREAT GREEK TEMPLE Juniper(whispers)Jaune…just who are youJaune uncurls his fists and looks up slowly at JuniperJauneI think you already know.fireflies flitter and swarm around Jaune’s bodyfirefliesprince…prince…princeJUNIPERYes…maybe I’ve always knownJuniper laughs bitterly, looks around at the ruins of the city around. Columns of dark smoke rise from the rubble.JUNIPERPrince of the netherworld. A look of defeat comes across Juniper’s face. Juniper That’s where we are isn’t it. Jaune looks down again. Juniper’s face crumples even more.JUNIPERI’ve always known there was something different between us. I tried to deny it. I tried to ignore it.. but the falling of the cities just confirmed it even more. The netherworld is suffering isn’t it. With you neglecting your duties on Earth. Juniper takes a step closer to Jaune. A tear escapes from his right eye. JUNIPER(whispers)Am I a ghost? Am I dead? Am I… real?Jaune brings his left hand up and closes it around a single firefly. When he opens his fist, it is gone. JAUNEYou’re not a ghost. This universe…exists in a separate place. JUNIPERIs it real?JAUNEIt is not the plane on which the living inhabits, but that doesn’t make it any less real. Jaune takes a step closer until there is only inches between their faces. He grips Juniper’s shoulder hard. Juniper flinches.JAUNEThis is real. I am touching you. Even if we are different, we are both real Juniper. JUNIPERFor as long as I’d been conscious enough to wonder, I’ve wondered. I’ve found many answers, but they were all wrong because they never fit the question. Juniper takes a breath and rasps it out, trembling all over. JUNIPERCan you still really call me your friend when I’m already dead? Jaune closes the distance between them and presses his forehead to Jaune’s and closes his eyes. JAUNEYou’re so stupid. Watch me, because I’m going to bend every rule and bring you back with me.