The second I started looking I could easily find logical fallacies through media. From television series,political debates and sources like Fox News and CNN you could easily spot the concepts we talked about In class and In our reading. The first clip Is from a Sniffed episode. My mother and I have seen about every episode. Elaine Is getting her phone reconnected but the phone company is giving her a new number with an area code she does not want since she lives in New York City.

She tries to use circular reasoning by saying it is not a new number but a “changed number,” trying to change the mind of the telephone installer did not work and she was not successful. My second example Is from the Collect Report. I am a fan of this show as well but I do not rely on It as my news source as ridiculous as that sounds for I know some people that do. In this example we see the stuntman fallacy. Stephen Clobber’s interviewee said he did not vote for the war. Collect responded by saying “so you want to see Sadder back in power.

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This is obviously a ridiculous notion. Of course he does not want to see Sadder back in power. The suggestion does not make sense. It is completely derived from another thought that does not correlate with the conversation. In my next example we see the slippery slope fallacy. It Is a car commercial. Although It Is comical It does use this technique to try and persuade the audience Into buying the car. They try to scare you Into self driving cars. They remind you there was a movie about that. The movie ended in robots harvesting human organs.

Although we know this is ridiculous we still might be drawn to this type of advertising it is easy to laugh however I believe that it still affects the person watching the commercial. In my next example we see a hasty generalization. This comic made me laugh very much. We see the penguin thought process and how It goes Into a direction that Is not logical and not credible. He thinks that since he observes the common notion that he is black and white. He also quickly thinks to himself that wait a second, old TV programs are also always in black and white.

He remembers that black and white programs are considered undoubtedly old. He then concludes that he himself since he is a penguin must be old. This is an absurd thing to think. Therefore this a great example of what Is considered a hasty generalization. People do this all the time In argument and debate. We see everyday In advertisement and In media. It Is all around us. It Is Important for us to be aware of these fallacies. By being aware I feel I can think for myself and make good judgments as well as good decision making.

I also must admit that naturally I use these fallacies when talking to people on an everyday basis. They make my arguments lack any credible evidence. Being aware of these false tendencies will help me be a better persuader and better public speaker. Excellent example: NTP://www. Youth. Com/watch- E8E7756176 collect example: HTTPS www. Youth. Com/watch? V=SST_Pedantry Dodge Car example: HTTPS:// www. Youth. Com/watch? V=cbgC5FU56wg Penguin cartoon: http://prize. Com/ dismissively/logical-fallacy-hasty-generalizations/