In today’s fast pace society it Just seems like everyone is always in a hurry. With most having to balance work, school, and their social life not everyone has the time and energy to prepare their own meals. It really is a time consuming process if you think about it. Having to go to the grocery store, cooking, and then all the clean up. But with the average lunch break only being about thirty minutes there is no possible way to go home and cook. There are advantages to both fast food and homemade food. Home cooked food is healthier and cheaper, but because of lack of time people tend o eat fast food.

Your choice is usually Just determined on your lifestyle. These days people are very busy and even most of the women are working outside the home. It is clear that fast food is not so good for our health. The main reason is its low nutrition value. Fast food does not contain large amounts of fiber, vitamins, minerals and other elements necessary for good nutrition and health. Most types of fast food have a lot Of fat, sugar, or salt in them.

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