America and what stood out to me from the film. In this film, the FBI is critically examined in light of the struggles of black nationalist groups, such as the Black Panther Party. All along, the FBI set goals to prevent unity and coalition of these groups; “preventing the rise of messiahs like Martin Luther King Jar. ” Myself being a Criminal Justice major, the film was very interesting and gave me an insight on how awe enforcement treated blacks during the times of racial inequality.

What really stood out to me in the film was the fact that the FBI completely acted ignorantly and against the morals of the department. The behavior displayed by the FBI in this film is totally contradictory to the department’s core values and priorities. The FBI publicly lists its core values and priorities on its web site and going down the list, one can see that the FBI contradicted many of them by their unjustly behavior hon. in the film.

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The FBI motto of” Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity’ was completely ignored. The priorities of protecting civil rights, adhering to the Constitution of the U. S, and fairness were not followed. The behavior that the FBI displayed towards the black nationalist groups was also geared in some ways to demoralize the long-range grown among the Black youth. By attacking the young, the FBI wanted to remove any traces of “rebellious behavior”. Is this really the motto of the FBI?

Law enforcement Is there to protect the community In a fair manner; not to demoralize the youth and their civil rights. Although we did not watch the whole film, I learned many things about the attitude of the FBI towards Blacks; especially towards those who wanted to stand up and fight against racial Inequality and Injustice. The film was really helpful In broadening my understanding of the suffering felt by many blacks In that time.