feminism can
be defined as the general inequality between sexes, it can be said to be a
means to identify injustice to female gender and advocate for women’s right, it
is a universal phenomenon and the most significant form of gender inequality is
manifested in the social, political and economic roles. It originated in the
west and has since become a global issue. The idea of feminism is ancient and
can be traced back to France, women at that time felt disrespected because they
were constrained to certain social and political roles and yearned for freedom
to be able to fit into all roles without being discriminated against. Then
began the feminist movement which advocated for equality, it came in three
waves; the first wave began in the late 19th century and it focused
on political equality, it fought for women’s right to vote and be voted into
political offices, there were argument that women have same potentials as men
and therefore should be given the chance to serve their nations. The second
wave came just after the world war11 and it was mainly on equality in family
role and sought to change the ideology that a woman’s place in the home is the
kitchen and solely responsible for keeping the home clean and tidy, the belief
that women are only fulfilled as mothers and home keepers needed to be
eradicated. The movement also argued that women should be given equal
opportunity to work in same fields as men and paid equally. 

        The third wave began in the mid-90s
till where we are today and is can be said to the continuation of the previous
waves (1 &2). Feminism today has been given different definition and it
emergence has both good and bad sides but when critically examined the bad
sides outweigh the good. The effects of feminism in the world today placing special
attention to the west is enormous, it has changed the traditional family setup
and the society at large. Before the emergence of feminism men were solely
responsible for the family’s upkeep but that has change, this phenomenon has
altered a wide range of areas in the west, it has changed the culture and the

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       Feminism today has many harmful effects
that changed main stance of the society on how our homes should be run and this
has affected so many homes and led to high rates of divorce and the trend keeps
accelerating. It preaches freedom for women in all areas and has influenced
them to find their identity in the family and the society at large it gave them
the belief that there are no inherent differences between the sexes.  Feminism is the machinery put in place to
broadcast women’s displeasure with the home front and has resulted in revolt on
the part of women leading to chaos in the home front in most cases it leads to
divorce and when such happens the children from such homes are affected. Families
have been destroyed because of the belief that there is need for   women to be in various professional fields in
pursuance of their career and in fact being a full time housewife is considered
a shame, children have been neglected with no parental supervision, exposed and
abused because the mother that is supposed to take care of the home front is
busy with her career outside the home and it is difficult to combine taking
care of the home with their career.

Feminism has given room to things that the society frowned at example of
such is the legalization of abortion which was hated traditionally.  Rate of divorce is on the rise in the west
and single parenthood with many