A Bagel’s marketing mix Is very new and excellent. They are out of Boston. They have a great marketing manager, who does all of her own marketing, and has made the company grow phenomenally, and is a great asset to them. For their marketing mix, she has gone out into the public and basically, thrown Finagle A Bagel out at the perspective customers. They sample there food along with coupons and very creatively got the public to try it, like It, and talk about it to other potential customers all for around $100.

She has Incorporated excellent ideas and really got there small business growing. For the products part of a marketing mix, they have many different selections of bagels and also Implement bagels In all of their food. If It Is a salad, they use bagel croutons, or their soup will come with a bagel. They have a great mix of foods and service. For the pricing of their products, Finagle A bagel prices the same regardless of the area a customer lives in and does not believe in hiking a price.

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They also promote loyalty cards, which allow the customer to get mints and then redeem them, thus saving more money for the customer. Distribution is also a credited point for Finagle A Bagel, they have a chain of supermarkets that also sell their bagels. As for as promotion, the marketing manager is full of creative ideas to promote new things and doesn’t follow fads other food distributors might try, they always stick with bagels and get feedback from employees and customers to promote In the most effective way. I think all forces of Finagle A Bagel Impact the company.

Mostly, the way they Introduce new ideas to the public ND build a great roper with them. The SIX forces of the marketing environment, impact Finagle A Bagel accordingly: Competitive: They offer a great variety and new selection, different from the leading companies, on a continual basis. They have great one on one relationships with there customers and have excellent customer Economic: Finagle A Bagel has done all of their own advertising, saving service. Them tons of money, and resources. They do not use ads in the paper or big expensive marketing strategies.

They also have their own focus group as their employees and customers. Political: They use suggestive selling to up there sales and promote new products. Legal and regulatory: All Finagle A Bagel guests get a loyalty card to receive points from buying products and then can redeem these points at the store. Technological: Informing their products was a great Idea to bring them up to speed. Also using the bagel conveyor belts and automatic bagel slicing machines was a great and smart move that Increased revenue for the company. Coloratura.