Operant conditioning is when a person has an experience that may have had an effect on them and they re reminded of that experience anytime that they are around something similar, this creates a behavior. Then there is classical conditioning which is a behavior that is installed in a person maybe from their childhood, like for instance a parent installing success, this is also a learned behavior. I will be interviewing a lady named Elizabeth who is close to my age, she Is of the same gender, race, and comes from a similar background as me.

I wall Interview her so that I can compare and contrast both of our answers, to see if we have the same similarities or if we are very different. I am a Caucasian, 28 year old female and she is a Caucasian, 25 year old female. I chose Elizabeth because she grew up somewhat like me, except she had a Father I did not. Elizabethan Mother left the home when she was 12 years old and she began to rebel quite a bit. My Mother was not there for me, so when I was a teenager I also rebelled. So we went through a lot of the same situations.

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When I got older I got married and had a family of my own and she still is single with no children, still partying and rebelling; that is the difference between us. Elizabeth sometimes puts re everyday tasks aside to party and I would never do that because I have responsibilities. Elizabeth has many goals for herself she hopes to accomplish these goals, but she loves to mingle and have fun in between work and school. I also have goals that I hope to accomplish, but I rarely get out because have children and I am a stay at home Mom.

All of these things contribute to our behaviors, as I interview her and ask her questions I will find out more about why she and I both behave the way that we do. I asked Elizabeth if she would rather observe a behavior being preformed or read about the performance being performed. She stated that she would rather observe the behavior being performed; I also feel the same way. We both agreed that it is easier to observe than read because you can actually see the body language or the behavior so that you don’t have to imagine what the behavior Is.

Some people may rather use their Imagination, but we would both rather observe. She stated that it Is harder sometimes to try and Imagine what is happening, when you can see it and know what is going on. The next question that I asked is if she prefers to study in a library where it is quiet or stay at home with little noise and mom distraction. She answered that she would rather be at home with some distractions because that Is where she feels most comfortable. I personally would rather study in a library because I have three children and there are a lot of distractions. We disagree on this question.

She stated that she does not like the ‘OFF outing AT Dealing away Trot near none, out I Tell Tanat sometimes you Just need some peace and quiet to concentrate better. The next question that I asked Elizabeth is if she had taken the Myers Briggs test, she said that she had not. I went ahead and had re take the test so that we could view her results. The results of her test came back as ESP., which means “Entertainer”. The “Entertainer” radiates attractive warmth and optimism. The “Entertainer” also means that you are smooth, witty, charming, clever, fun to be with and very generous (Flynn, 2010).

I asked her if the results were correct and she said absolutely. She stated that she loves to be around people and entertain them; she is the life of the party. I also took the test and it stated that I was JIFFS which is a “Conservator”. The “Conservator” desires to be of service and to minister to individual needs; they are very loyal (Flynn, 2010). I believe this is accurate about me as well, I strive to take care of the needs of everyone around me, and I enjoy pleasing people. I am also a very loyal person.

We both ended up being in different categories, but we still like to both please the people that we are around, we do have that in common. The next question that I asked Elizabeth was which experience she feels contributed most in the development of her personality. Elizabeth stated that she had a best friend for many years, which she pretty much grew up with, that ended up tenting cancer and died at the age of 19. That experience changed the way that she viewed life and made her somewhat depressed. She stated that she keep a lot of her feelings to herself and rebelled most of the time.

She now parties most of the time to hide the way that she feels; even when she knows that it can hurt her and the people that love her. That is the one experience that she contributes to who she is today. The experience for me I would have to say was when my Grandpa died and my Mother lost all hope. From that point I really did not exist, I was pretty much on my wan, so I looked to anyone for attention, I also rebelled like Elizabeth. For many years I looked for someone to love me until I found my Husband and had my three beautiful girls.

That is the difference between Elizabeth and l, she is still rebelling and I have settled down. We still went through the same situations. The next question that I asked Elizabeth is, if she thinks that she is self-monitoring in regards to her attitudes. Elizabeth stated that she controls her attitudes pretty good, she feels that she knows what and why she does the things that she does. She also stated that she knows that some of her choices may not be the best, but she feel as if she is old enough to make her own decisions. I also feel that I handle my attitudes pretty good.

At times I get frustrated with life and I don’t control my feelings of sadness the way that I should, but I am working on that. I think that we both can say that we control our feelings good enough, but there is always room for improvement. The next question that I asked Elizabeth is who or what she felt was the strongest influence in her life and with her attitudes. Elizabeth stated again that re best friend that died of cancer was her biggest influence. She said that her Mother left when she was about 12 years old and her best friend was the one person that she could go to and he passed away.

Even though she knows that there are many people that love her in her life she still feels like she is alone. She is always trying to find a way to live her life like there may not be a tomorrow. She may not make the best decisions, but she does value life more than she did before. I feel the thing Tanat Innocence me ten most was seeing ten way Tanat my Test Trestle’s parents lived. I pretty much lost my relationship with my Mother around the age of 9, but I always knew that there could be better, that I was not stuck in that life.

My attitude towards life is Just to strive to be a better person. I think that Elizabeth and I feel the same way. The next question that I asked Elizabeth was whether or not she felt that race, gender, or ethnicity played a big role in a person’s personality and attitudes. We both agreed that they do, we feel that men and women are different, our brains are built different. A person’s race and ethnicity also play a big part because there are any different types of ways that people choose to live their lives, so you end up viewing the world differently.

The last question that I asked Elizabeth was if she felt that she is better at tasks when she is intrinsically motivated or extrinsically motivated. Elizabeth stated that she is more intrinsically motivated when she performs her tasks. If she is not interested in something it is harder for her to accomplish that task. I am more extrinsically motivated because I would rather do 100% with any task and get reward even if I am not interested. I like the reward of owing that I got a good grade.

In the end I found that Elizabeth and I are somewhat similar, we came from similar pasts, but our futures turned out to be different. I think that Elizabeth is doing very well to keep her goals going on the right track and only time will tell what the future brings. I hope to one day achieve my goals as well. We both agreed that our influences have had a big part in the way that we behave in our lives. Reference: Tim Flynn, 2010. Myers Briggs test. Similarities. Com Retrieved on September 9, 2010 from http://kinds. Com/ambit/