Is the first single from Owl City’s album Ocean Eyes as well as the single that made Its way up to the top spot In music charts from all over the world. It did not Just claim the top spot from charts such as the U. S. Billboard Hot 100 and radio stations but as well as Tuner’s top downloaded list of songs. The song’s success may be due to the fact that the single contains unforgettable fancy electronics tunes and pleasant drumbeats combined with Adam Young soft, memo-like voice.

But above all the characteristics this song has, the song has been remembered for what might be TTS most arguable element: its lyrics. Is it truly nonsensical? Well, it’s not the song’s fault that some people would regard the song as nonsense. It might be because the song itself has fancy choice of words and these words try to create a world of playful imagination. This world of imagination is suggested by the song to exist In the persona’s dreams. The first few lines even appear surprising and unrealistic. “You would not believe your eyes If ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep. The song Is suggesting that the persona encounters some creatures In his sleep. It doesn’t stop with these fireflies. As the song goes along, the persona encounters more Imaginative creatures In the lines “Cause get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs as they try to teach me how to dance. ” Not only do these creatures appear but they also teach the persona how to dance. Although this can be an indication of personification, it may appear quite absurd. To think that bugs that can teach “foxtrot above a person’s head” is really ridiculous.

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The lines that pertains to his dreams account for most of the imagery that can be found in this song. He tells the audience that “my dreams are bursting at the seams”, indicating how wonderful his imagination can be when his sleeping at night and how his rather awake when he’s asleep. Although the stanzas of this song might appear nonsensical or nonrealistic at all, the persona In this song surprisingly Indicates that he wants to stay In this kind of world as the lines “I’d Like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly’ goes.

He adds the lines ” It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep cause everything is never as it seems” repeating the lines all over again until the end. It is as if the persona doesn’t want to wake up in his dream which appears to be a rich, innocent imagery of a child’s playful mind. This may be a hint that the speaker in this song that being “awake in his sleep” is a form of escapism for him from whatever experiences his been going through. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, escapism is defined as an inclination to or habit of retreating from unpleasant reality, as through diversion or fantasy.

He probably escapes the horror of his past experiences by remembering his childhood experiences and dreams to create a feeling of happiness that would be able to subside his negative feelings and finally main some other apostles feelings as well such as excitement. In other cases, the persona on the other hand might Just felt the feeling of mammals his childhood life and just wants to have that feeling for a much longer time even if he is past that age tongue saying Tanat “lo Like to make myself Delves Tanat planet art n turns slow this case, he doesn’t acknowledge his dreams as a form of escapism but Just pure nostalgia.

The songs tone is quite difficult to perceive. The singer’s tone can’t be determined whether it is on the sad side or the happy side. One things for sure Hough. The singer has a feeling of yearning for remembering his childhood dreams. Although the song starts with a soft chorus, the next choruses after the first ones can be heard with a powerful voice. That strong desire can be heard every time he exclaims the chorus.

The song also contains some paradox as he states that “I’d rather stay awake while I’m asleep” which indicates that he prefers his consciousness to be alert at all times in his dreams. This might be the part of the song that might appear to be the most nonsensical, which is not. It is even the most important part of he song since it is this kind of consciousness that enables him to be comfortable in his own world and enjoy the innocence and the creativity he had when like he was a child. Fireflies” deviates from the common themes presented by the mainstream music industry today. While the today’s music are all about love, romance, sex, parties and some other identical themes, Fireflies on the other hand explores more on the innocence and the imagination of childhood. Bibliography “Escapism”. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. 14 May 2010 “Fireflies”. Billboard. 14 May 2010 Young, Adam. “Fireflies”. Metropolises. May 14, 2010