My experience of this movie was a great one; and this Is actually a movie that I will remember for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t say that this Is something that I learned, perhaps, but more of a huge reminder of what It takes to actually keep a relationship and marriage going in the right direction; but when he realized he needed to do more of the little things to keep everything going, and just how important that is in a successful marriage. “The Love Dare” is definitely something that I believe should be seed more often when it comes to failing marriages, no matter what the situation is.

I do think that in many cases, it would definitely work; especially if the main problem is you Just feel like you lost what was once there. If you start doing all of these things for your spouse, that spark and connection will definitely come back and be better than ever! Something I learned from this movie Is Just a realization of Just how powerful love Is, and how when you really do have something with someone you should never Just throw It away even If the original feelings don’t seem to be there, hat’s only temporary and there’s always a way to get that feeling back.

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The line In the movie that said, “You must destroy any adulation that has your heart, If you don’t; it might destroy you” was one of the main line, or concept I suppose I could say, that got to me in this movie. I grew up with my entire family having major addiction issues, from my grandpa to my brother; and unfortunately, in all honesty I am still dealing with watching addictions run and ruin the lives of the people I love.

So, I have personally watched an addiction destroy someone life and bring them to rock OTTOMH one too many times so, this quote will forever remain in my mind and heart as I really do believe it is true and there’s no better way to put that. The quote, “I’ve learned that you never leave your partner, especially in a fire” relates to marriage in the sense that If something is going downhill In your relationship you can’t Just take what you have and leave the other person there to suffer. When I think of this, the saying, “when a heart breaks, It doesn’t break even” comes Into my mind.

This basically means that if one person gives up, then you’re hurting the other ten times rose and it’s just very unfair to give up completely on what used to be such a great relationship! So my reaction to this quote was it is also very true, and anyone who is in a marriage, or even just a relationship should keep this in mind. When you say your marriage vows, you say, “for better or for worse, till’ death do us part” and when you agree to that, that’s your entire life, you can’t Just head out as soon as things get a little, or even very rough.

Like stated in the movie, many people commit to this but then walk away without realizing what exactly they had already committed to. They didn’t realize that they still had a chance to make things right, all hope is never gone when you have faith. And although I have never been the very religious type of person, I do believe that everyone needs to have a certain amount of faith In their life no matter what that will be.

I think this comes Into play very much when you’re In a relationship, because if you and your partner come to terms with, I’ll just say, a enlarge power, Tanat wall tattletale Drying you two closer Ana you wall nave a cert. of bond that really is unlike any other, you Just need to be able to both have faith in omitting and suddenly, everything is not as hard as it once was. Simply put, this movie was such an eye opener to me, on how challenging things can get but the fact that you can always pull it back together if you both really do want it bad enough, and Just care about each other to that extent; there’s always a way to make it work.

I grew up watching many failed and unhealthy relationships, and this has always had me wondering what I can do in my future, to make it so my marriage will last, so I don’t have to ever go through a divorce like my parents did. It has always honestly scared me, and for the longest time Just from watching how horribly people can treat each other, and not much of the good things of a relationship, I went awhile without even thinking love was a real thing.

I didn’t think that it was worth it, all you do is Just fight with someone and get constantly hurt; I didn’t want it. And I know I’m young, but that all changed already when I met my boyfriend now, who I have been with for going over a year now. When we met and Just got to know each other it was great, but hen when we talked about having faith in something (l won’t get off topic and go into details), and realized it was the same thing, it had brought us so incredibly much closer it still amazes me to this day and gives me a feeling unlike any other.

I’m happier than I ever thought was possible, and I can happily say it’s because of love, and faith; like was demonstrated throughout this entire movie. I Just want to add in, I really did enjoy this movie, and I have a few people in mind already that I know would like it Just as much, I’m definitely going to pass it around and make others aware of