English 91, P05 Mr. Perez September 24, 2010 Reading Response: “Fish Cheeks” In “Fish Cheeks,” by Amy Tan, we see a girl explaining an inevitable experience that happened during the Christmas Eve dinner. In the article, the author details what her mother cooked for dinner. She had a crush on Robert, the minister’s son, and her mother invited his family to celebrate Christmas Eve with them. Amy Tan shares her main idea by introducing a related information about her feelings. For instance, she shames herself about her family’s Chinese customs.

On the other hand, Robert was blushed and occasionally grimaced while they were eating. At the end of the meal, Amy’s father said that expressing a satisfaction after dinner is a polite Chinese custom. After everyone left, the author’s mother talked seriously to Amy about what just happened during the dinner, by the way, the mother advised her that probably she wanted to be the same as American people are, but in her interior she will always be what she originally is: a Chinese. It asn’t until many years later when she discovered that her mother had chosen all her favorite foods, and certainly, she learned that special lesson. I strongly disagree about Amy’s shame for having a different nationality; however, it’s totally understandable what she is feeling because she just wants to be as the people around her and not being criticized. The people shall be definitely and without a doubt proud of where they are from because that is what distinguishes them from other people.

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