Case questions: 1. What is POX’s core benefit proposition? What makes this game unique? 2. What are the pros and cons of the traditional ad campaign (based on TV and print advertising) and of the “take over the town” buzz event? 3. What other non-traditional marketing campaigns could Hasbro have followed (at the time of the case and today)? Subjects covered: Advertising; Consumer marketing; Gaming; Innovation; Marketing implementation; Marketing strategy; New product marketing; Product introduction Settings: Industry Setting:Toy industry Geographic Setting: United States Number of Employees:6,900 Gross Revenues:$500 million revenues

Super soaker 50 or Power drencher – air pressured water gun The CPS-3000 includes a water-tank backpack and a pulsating jet stream. Over the years, there have been modifications and improvements that increase shooting distance and water pressure and tank capacity, and decrease overall weight and necessary fill-up time. TAMAGOTCHI Is adapted to other media and concepts, from computer games to Hasbro’s POX, which replaced adorable pets for infectious alien viruses.

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If you think it well, Tamagotchis have been somewhat replaced by cell phones, which draw as much of our attention as these devices did back in the days, but instead of nurturing them we “feed” the companies that provide all the different services we can find on such electronic devices POX Advt – http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=vLkwQ7ZF5Wc Factory Locations: We own and operate two factories making Hasbro products — one located in Massachusetts, USA and the other located in Waterford, Ireland. Slides: 1) Agenda 2) Introduction 3) Marketing Issues 4) Market Segmentation ) Customer Analysis 6) Competitor’s Analysis 7) SWOT Analysis 8) Demand for POX 9) Pricing 10) Marketing Research & Forecast 11) Recommendation 12) Summary 13) Conclusion According to Market Research firm, NPD, kids ranging 7-12, talk about 3 main things – games & toys, fast food & clothes What is POX? Handheld game system that uses RF wireless technology to transfer data between systems. The idea of POX is to build your own spl character(from more than 7500 combo of alien parts) who will then engage in battle of enemy characters in 17 levels of solo play.

With the RF tech, POX game players can battle each other up to about 9 mtrs(30 feet) away and through most walls, floors, etc. You may even battle with someone you don’t know. POX is avail in 3 variations, each with their own special abilities. POX is planned to be launched in Chicago May-12, 2001, elsewhere in the US around mid-Nov 2001 and around the world (Aus: Jun-2002). The cost was fixed at $24. 99 Toy Fair in Houston, Feb-2001 created such a buzz that NY Times wanted to write a story about POX before its launch. We cordoned off an area & allowed select VIP-only access which mostly consisted of press personnel.