Research can be defined as a systematic process of collecting and analysing data for some purpose.

Objectivity in research
Objectivity in research refers to data collection and analysis procedures from which a single reasonable interpretation can be made. 
deductive reasoning
use a general conclusion to understand a particular case
inductive reasoning
investigate a particular case and make a general conclusion
The aim/purpose of quantitative research 
is to establish relationships between
In quantitative research re context
Most quantitative research attempts to establish universal, context- free generalizations.
Basic Research:  
Also known as pure, fundamental research.

The main purpose is to generate or develop knowledge by testing or refining specific theories that provide broad generalisations

Basic Research:  
A theory predicts and explains natural phenomenon and findings that can be generalised.
An ethnographical study focuses 
 on a social system
Case studies are often used 
in ethnographical studies.
(irrelevant, unimportant) 
The predictor variable is also called the 
independent variable