?The Fox School of Business at Temple University was founded in 1918. This school represents a well-known business school that has prepared very successful entrepreneurs, professionals and business leaders. Currently, the school represents the largest business school in the region of Philadelphia. The school is also between the largest comprehensive business schools in the world – it has around 6 500 students, 59 000 alumni and 180 full-time faculty employees.

The Fox School is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). It offers BBA, Executive MBA, MBA, MBA/MS, PhD and MS programs. Fox School’s MBA program is known as a very successful program in the region, the US and around the globe.

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The duration of the full time MBA program is 36 months and it has 2 start dates throughout the year – May and October. The fee for the program is 11 500 GBP.

The full-time MBA online program is the most popular and most valuable. Almost every well-known business school offers a full-time MBA degree.

We live in a world where there are millions of chances and opportunities like online MBAs and distance-learning. Still, TopMBA.com did a research and showed that around 80% of the candidates who apply for MBA programs prefer to be part of the full-time MBA instead the online programs or the part-time programs.

The full-time MBA degree offers to students the possibility of seeing how exactly the business works. Students get real information and details about everything connected to the business.

Alumni who choose this MBA program get a full grasp of various important specializations from different business fields like finance, operations management, marketing, strategy and human resources.

With masters, accountants spend most of their time on accounting and don’t care too much about other aspects of the business. The MBA program teaches accountants who each and every feature of the business is equally important for success in the end.
Some of the most popular MBA modules are those in business communication, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and leadership. A successful business needs well-educated leaders who have knowledge about every aspect of the business, not only the finances, and Fox School is here to offer all that with its MBA programs.

There is also “specialized” MBA, which has pretty much the same concept, with some alterations. Many people question the necessity of specializing on MBA degrees, but there are a lot of people who think there is nothing wrong with that. With the specializing, you choose the industry in which you want to work, be it the food industry, medicine, show business or economy.