a topic that connects to citizenship, identity and quality of life, and on which well – informed people have different views and perspectives
values and ideas shared by people with a common language, culture and history
Point of View
opinions and preferences of an individual based on personal experiences
Quality of Life
a measure of personal and collective well – being
what individuals and groups are allowed to do in society, usually as established in law
a social system where a group of people share a common geographicn region, sense of common identity and culture, and who participate in shared political and economic institutions for a communal purpose or interest
the process of governing
Political Sytem
the structure of government
Economic System
how a society organizes the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services
personal reaction to an issue
standards for evaluating something
without preconceived ideas
to make decisions as a government and put decisions into action
the body with power to make decisions for a society
Canada’s Constitution
— the law that describes governance in Canada.– sets out the role of the governor general, and the different roles of the three branches of government.– describes how the three branches of the government work together to exercise the decision-making authority of government.– also sets out other important institution, such as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.;
— represented in Canada by the governor general– Britain’s queen or king is the formal head of state in Canada, but does not play an active role in Canada’s government.
Executive Branch
the part of government responsible for putting laws into action.Includes:– the prime minister (PM) and the cabinets.Roles:–proposes most laws– put laws into action– runs the day-to-day business of government
Legislative Branch
the part of government that makes laws.Includes:– the House of CommonsRoles:– makes laws– represents the interests and rights of Canada’s regions
someone who lives in a riding and is represented by an elected official from that riding
Popular Vote
the total votes cast in an election, as different from the total seats won in an election