Resealing was the design on Nanas dress and for many patterns throughout the movie. It was also the swirls of Else’s magic Not a lot of people have put snow into animated movies; Frozen was the first to do so. The design team had to travel to Jackson Hole, Wyoming because none of them had really experienced snow because hey grew up In California. They played In the snow for 2 days. The Costume department made them a huge skirt for Anna’s animator so she could accurately make Anna’s character adaptable to the snow.

The ice castle came from the simple concept of a snowflake; the six sides would rise up to make the castle. It was a combination of 45 different separate things happening In that one shot. It took about 9 months to create the construction of the ice castle. 4) Characters a) Characters make Frozen. Josh Gad who plays Loaf makes him who he is. The voices of the characters, (Diana, Kristin, Josh Gad, Jonathan Graff’ all had 2 cameras n them during the recording sessions. These cameras picked up on the Its bitsy movements, expressions, hand motions.

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Each character had their own animator. Anna’s animator word reenact/film herself doing the movements to make sure it felt right. All the animators for each character found inspiration in their own families, using their kids actions In the movie. B) Anna l) Kristin Bell wanted to make Anna the quirky and different princess then the normal Disney princesses. C) Else I) Diana Mizzen II) worked welt anomalous to make Else’s selling movements more realistic sun as inning using diaphragm and they changed that in the animation. ) Loaf I) Loaf is an animators dream. You can pull him apart, put back together in different forms. Facial expressions make the character it) Inspiration for the part where he goes “He’s crazy. There Just rocks. Ill distract him while you run. Hi Seven family’ came from an another animator. 5) Music a) The second turn came when the song writers wrote “Let It Go. ” At this point the song was still for the villain movie. It only took a day h to 2 days to write. When the director heard it, they decided to change the movie to what we know it as today.

It was then turned into an emotional, vulnerable song/part of the movie. “Let It Go” would be a triumphant spectacular transformation. Recorded in 41 different languages. B) The songwriters, a husband-wife duo, had their 4 year old daughter do the scratch voice for young Anna and the screenwriter/director used her 9 year old daughter for the scratch voice of the 9 year old Anna in “Do You Want Build a Snowman. ” Made it very personal for them. It almost didn’t make the cut. It was put back into the movie the witching hour before the release, at the very last moment.