General Electric company (GE) is a global digital industrial company incorporated on April 15, 1892 by Thomas Edison. It offers a huge range of products and services  from aircraft engines,power generation, oil and gas production equipment to medical imaging ,financing and industrial products. The various segments in which the company is present includes Power, Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Healthcare. Transportation, Energy Connections and Lighting and Capital. GE has over 323000 employees and has customers in more than 100 countries all around the world. GE is the only company listed in the Dow Jones Industrial Index.In 2011, Fortune ranked GE the 6th largest firm in the U.S and the 14th most profitable.Despite the achievements, GE’s 125- year history has not been free from the ups and downs. The global powerhouse of the various industries,has been at loss either because of their mistake or the economic changes that push its profit and stock price down.The biggest mistake that GE made in the recent year was getting into the financial services business just before the banking and the housing crash that went from the year 2007 to 2009.The company also suffered loss from heavily investing into the oil and gas equipment just before the price of the barrel came crashing from $149 a barrel to just 38$ in 2014. Other mistakes made during the Great Recession incurred loss for the company.Following this to save the company from further downfall, GE’s new CEO,John Flannery is refocusing on the traditional strength of the company, the industrial roots, health care, aerospace and renewable energy.Every business has to reinvent itself from time to time and so is the case with GE. The financial business of GE has become more of a liability than an asset .With the current strategy  of focusing on the core business, GE is likely to generate growth. There is a great demand for GE’s industrial products and services.The operations that have been kept for sale includes the business like light bulbs and locomotives that dates back to the days of G.E’s founder Thomas Edison.More than $20 billion in assets are marked for sale in the next couple of years.The main goal of John Flannery is to make G.E simpler and easier to operate. General Electric Company External Analysis using Porter’s Five ForcesRivalry amongst existing competition :- GE faces stiff competition from companies like 3M, Siemens, Honeywell and United Technologies.Like its competitors , GE sells few of its product directly to the customers which include the light bulbs.Power is the most important segment to GE and generated 28% of industrial profit in 2016.With its HA Turbines, its closes competition is with Siemens which with its HL turbine is expected to give efficiency level of 63%.Therefore GE overall faces high force of competition.Power of buyers:- WIth a high quality information on the GE products made easily  available to the buyers, the buyers have a strong power to make the purchase decision.This information made available to the users gives them the bargaining power. Therefore a moderate force from the buyers can be considered for GE.Power of Suppliers :- In the external analysis of the General Electric Company ,the bargaining power of suppliers is a significant force.GE is exposed to volatility in prices and availability of the materials, parts, components,system and services with their reliance on third party suppliers,contract manufacturer and commodity markets to secure raw material parts ,components and subsystem used in the products.Thus this forces must be included as a major strategic concern affecting the business and environment. Threat of Substitutes :- The majority of the industry where GE operates has low availability of substitute. Also,based on the moderate switching cost, there is a very moderate chances of the customers switching from General Electric’s Products to substitute. Therefore there is a very weak forces exerted by the substitutesThreat of New Entrants:- Due to the high cost of entry, the force of new entrants against against General Electric is weak.  The high economies of scale further weaken the threat of new entry.This component of the Five Forces analysis presents the weak intensity of the threat of new entry.Thus, this force is a minor strategic management issue facing General Electric Company.General Electric Company’s Internal Analysis Using SWOTStrength-GE has made an investment of around 5% of its total revenue on R since 2010  which comes to a figure of approximate $30B. The R activity has been the cornerstone of the innovation for over a century at GE. The three main objectives of GE’s R&D is to gain market share, improve its margin and grow its business.The global research center coordinates R&D development in order to ensure the business are using collective IP and brainpower of all GE’s businesses. Therefore , R activities constitute as one of the primary strength of GE.Also GE is listed on Dow Jones industrial average which is a testament to its ability to provide a strong brand  value. The sheer breadth of GE’s portfolio and reputation as a global leader brings recognition to the company. To lead across the markets GE has been leveraging its brand equity,strong culture and global research.Weaknesses -GE’s reliance on third party suppliers have been as one of the main weakness of the company.They are subjected to the volatility in the prices and availability of these materials depending in the suppliers. The quality of the products is overall affected  by the reliance on the suppliers.Also the weak performance of the oil and gas company is posed as another weakness of the company.Through the first nine months of 2015, the oil and gas segment of GE experienced the worst decline. Opportunities-Growth based on digital technology adoption can prove very promising for the company.Earlier Immelt discussed GE’s transformation into world’s largest digital industrial company.By adopting 3D printing and other additive manufacturing technologies, the company can lead the digitization of industry.The renewable energy sector is another segment with tremendous potential where GE can make an investment.As of Oct 2017, GE recorded yet another strong quarter with $3 billion in order and double the growth in its international onshore wind orders.Last the company has the financial resources to take advantage if the opportunities in the developing market and hence can make an investment in this field.Threat-General Electric face strong competition from a wide variety of companies. Strong competitive force typically comes from the activities of aggressive,popular or highly innovative firms such as 3M and Siemens.Disruption from online digital technologies is another threat that affects GE.Such technologies comes with tools that can alter the market dynamics.Lastly , the instability of the oil and gas industry can be another threat for all the investments , GE has made in this segment.