Genetic engineering should be permitted to benefit humans. What is you stand on this statement? Consider all the perspective of this argument.I strongly go for this, as this will help the human race grow faster. It has many positive and effective points than the negative ones. Genetic engineering is done by inserting a gene of interest from sources like bacteria, viruses plants, and animals into the targeted organism. As a result, the organism with the interested gene of interest is now able to carry and produce new out the new trait or characteristics. This technology grants us the ability to overcome barriers, exchange genes among organisms, and produce new organisms with the desired traits. Supporters like me believe that genetic engineering is indeed safe and is still comparable to the traditional process of breeding in plants and animals. We support this because of the reasons I am going to mention below.PRODUCTION OF FOODS CONTAINING RICH NUTRIENTSA variety of food crops and products have already been modified to provide better amount of nutrition for consumers, for example the golden rice which were produced to give vitamin A along with nutrients and fiber. But this type of rice were stopped because the people were not able to buy it due to its cost.INCREASED RESISTANCE OF PLANTS TO ROTTING AND PESTSRapid infestations and rotting of crops is a very big problem for farmers, but using genetic engineering, scientists have found a solution for this. They have created rot and pest resistant crops, this is very useful for farmers and it will help them save their crops. INCREASED MEAT PRODUCTIONAnimals also have been modified in order to increase their meat. One example for this is the belgian blue cattle which is originated from belgium. Unlike other cattles this one has double muscle. This gives more meat. This is one example and like this scientists can also  find new ways in which they can use on other animals too, for more meat production.ACHIEVING DESIRED TRAITS We can create humans who will have their desired traits. People would love to have them too. We can use them on the soldiers who are fighting on the country borders so that we can save more lives and make them more efficient. Dling this would also increase the lifespan of the person, and everyone would want to do this. There are some disadvantages of genetic engineering too.MAY LEAD TO GENETIC DEFECTSAfter the process is done, in a long term it may lead to genetic defects and there have been cases like that and it also may alter the genes in the future and of the future generations. Genetic engineering is also being used to create human organs but in the long run if it can create genetically modified, perfect human specimens who are better than the creators, than it may be disastrous. To end i would like to quote stephen hawking,¨ With genetic engineering, we will be able to increase the complexity of our DNA, and improve the human race. But it ill be a slow process, because one will have to wait about 18 years to see the effect of changes to the genetic code.¨