Geology is appealing to me due to
its connections to our planet from the history of its geological formation some
billions of years ago to the present day. The multidisciplinary nature of the
subject entreats me by blending other subjects such as physics, chemistry,
mathematics, and fieldwork. My choice of subjects at A-level
indicates my interest in science and my ambition to better comprehend my subject areas of interest. Having an
academic background in these fields has facilitated my understanding of the
physical, chemical and mathematical aspects of geology.

With the completion of a BSc in
Geology, Renewable Energy – Geothermal Science which deals with the thermal
energy being generated within the crust, by radioactive decay of materials and
by the original heat of formation stored within the
earth and also how to use it sustainably is of specific interest to me.
I find the continuous flow of earth’s
internal energy to the surface by means of hot springs fascinating. Also, the heat generated at plate tectonic
boundaries can be put into good and sustainable use for the beneficiary of
humans. Thus in understanding the
processes of heat production, transfer and how to use them efficiently, I need
to carry out further research and I believe The University of Iceland with its
highly qualified staff, well-equipped and state-of-the-art laboratories can
serve as an ideal location for me to carry out research and further my career in my chosen field of studies.

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With a BSc and a Teacher’s Diploma
in Geology, plate tectonics was a major
course studied in the classroom and
illustrated on the field, by zones of
faulting and folds. Thus I have been well schooled and I possess a lot of
background knowledge in the research
area. Professionally, being a trained
Geology teacher and equally serving in the capacity as the head of the geology
department in my institution, a position which require qualities such as
patience, diligence, sensitivity, enthusiasm and commitment has imparted onto me strong leadership abilities, excellent
verbal and written communication skills and the ability to identify and solve
problems. Lastly, Cameroon being a culturally pluralistic and diversified society, through my interactions
with mates at both the undergraduate, the teacher training college and the
different groups of students I teach, I am fit to interact with people from the
different cultural background and thus better prepared for
the challenges to come when carrying out my research.

This program will help me achieve the
ability to be able to solve practical geologic problems that could be useful for industrial applications and in the mining
sectors. It will also help me gain the ability to determine precisely the
location of mineral resources and what quantity of it is available.

Outside of my school curricular, I am passionate
about learning new languages. I am already eloquent in English and French. I
intend to learn more languages along with my career as a geologist. I strongly
feel that acquiring language skills is very important as this will enable me to
communicate effectively to a range of
audiences and with the wider scientific community. Other extra-curricular
activities I regularly participate in include playing football and farming.

Completion of this program at the University
of Iceland will help me acquire knowledge which is the fundamental objective of
any educationist that seeks knowledge. This program will help me understand the
basic and most advance geologic processes that lead
to the formation, storage and transfer of
earth’s internal energy and as well as
how to extract the energy for better use. It will give me the opportunity to express my ideas and to integrate myself
into the geologic society and make a
substantial contribution to scientific research, renewable energy in peculiar
to ensure a more energy assured future.