GeraldArthur, also known as Jerry Sandusky, was born on January 26 in 1944.

Famouslyknown for being the assistant coach for Pennsylvania State University, he laterbecame known as a serial child molester. His parents, Evelyn and ArthurSandusky, provided community recreational services to youth for about thirtyyears and were very successful. At a young age, Sandusky developed his ownpersonal law called “Jer’s law,” which allowed him to be mischievous, but notto the degree where he would intentionally hurt someone. He promised himselfthat he would not disrespect his teachers and would come clean if he got caughtbreaking any rules (Moushey & Dvorchak, 2012).

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 He went to Washington High school where he wasa good student and a great athlete who excelled at sports such as basketball,baseball, and football. Some of his classmates described him as a “loner” andsomeone who “never dated in high school” but was handsome and popular. Heattended Penn State and received his Bachelor’s degree in health in 1966 whilehe played football from 1963-1965. Sandusky got married to Dorothy in 1966 and overa course of time they adopted six children.

In 1969 he remained as theassistant coach until his retirement in 1999 ( Editors, 2014).  Oncehe retired, he was given a compensation package that gave him specialprivileges which included access to the university’s facilities. After heretired, Sandusky founded the Second Mile charity that was created for at-risk youth.This organization provided support and services to the youth which alsoincluded camp programs. Sandusky and Dorothy adopted one of the kids that theymet through the Second Mile charity. He would take these kids to Penn Stategames, give gifts, and money to them.

It was through this organization where hemet the young boys that he victimized. ( Editors, 2014). I.                   Victims and how the Crimes were committeda.      Matt Sandusky: Matt is the adopted son ofJerry and Dottie Sandusky. They met through The Second Mile as Matt was atroubled boy.

The molestation began in 1986 when Matt was eight years old andlasted until 1996. Sandusky molested him in the showers at Penn State, invarious places of his home, and while they wrestled. Matt told his biological motherthat he did not want to spend time with Sandusky. Eventually she cut off tieswith him in 1994, but he continued to check Matt out of school without askingher for permission. He was then later fostered by Sandusky and continued to bea victim during that time. Whenone of the other victims spoke up Matt Sandusky admitted that he was molestedby his adoptive father as well (Kiesling, 2013). b.

     Sebastian: The victim was fifteen yearsold when he came forward and spoke out about the sexual abuse that washappening to him. This was what initially started the case against Sandusky. Hetold the police that he met Sandusky around 12 or 13 years old when he joinedThe Second Mile Club and he began staying at his home.

He claimed that thecontact started in June 2007 with back-cracking exercises which then lead tostomach blowing, kissing, and other sex acts. He was a student at CentralMountain High School in Clinton County. A wrestling coach saw Sandusky lying ona mat facing the victim and he witnessed clingy behavior (Kiesling, 2013). c.      Victim 2 (unknown): Mike McQueary, theassistant coach for Penn State, saw Sandusky in the showers of the footballlocker room with a boy in February 2001. He claimed that Sandusky had the boypinned against the wall and seemed to be having sexual intercourse with him.

Hewas highly shocked as he never thought Sandusky would do such a thing. Once thisoccurred, he then reported the incident to his father and left the matter inhis hands (Kiesling, 2013). d.     Zach: This victim is now 24 years old. Hesaid he met Sandusky through The Second Mile in 2000. He said Sandusky tookmultiple showers with him and this included giving bear hugs, rubbing, tickling,and blowing on his stomach (Kiesling, 2013).  e.      Jason: The victim knew Sandusky from thetime period of 1996 to 2000.

He said that the abuse started from touching toother sex acts that went on for a long time period. This occurred for more thanfifty times. He went to games with Sandusky and was given gifts, cigarettes,and money to buy marijuana. This was Sandusky’s way of grooming the boy(Kiesling, 2013). f.

       Michal: This victim is currently 22 yearsold. He joined The Second Mile in August 2001. He went to more than fifteenPenn State football games and other sports. Sandusky stopped inviting him tothe games after two incidents occurred. In 1996, Sandusky tried touching thevictim in the shower. Then in 1998, Sandusky touched his leg in a car and thevictim pulled back.

After this, they did not have much contact with each other(Kiesling, 2013). g.     Brett: In May 1998, the victim was twelveyears old when Sandusky invited him to take a tour of the Lasch building.Sandusky touched him and performed sexual acts on him in the shower. When hewent home he told his mom that Sandusky showered with him so the mom called thepolice. No charges were filed after the investigation was conducted. The motherwas told to call Sandusky while the police listened to the conversation.

Headmitted to taking a shower with the victim and asked for forgiveness(Kiesling, 2013).h.     Dustin: He met Sandusky when he was sevenyears old. Sandusky showered with him and touched him inappropriately.

He alsotouched the victim during road trips. This occurred from September 1995 toDecember 1996. The victim said that before he was going to testify DorothySandusky called him (Kiesling, 2013).

i.       Victim 8 (unknown):  This victim was never identified but theincident occurred in 2000. James Calhoun, a janitor, saw Sandusky performsexual acts on a child in the shower. He went and told other janitors aboutwhat he saw. He was unable to testify because he suffered from dementia duringthe trial (Kiesling, 2013). j.       Aaron: From 2004 to 2008 the victim had contact with Sandusky. The abusestarted with hugging, rubbing, cuddling, tickling, and then the sexual actsoccurred.

  He said he was raped in thebasement of Sandusky’s basement and yelled for help. He believed that Dottiewas upstairs and called out, but she never came. Sandusky told Aaron that noone was there to help save him (Kiesling, 2013). k.     Ryan: He joined The Second Mile at tenyears old and interacted with Sandusky in fall of 1997. Sandusky performedsexual acts on the victim when they wrestled and groped him in the pool severaltimes. Sandusky gave him gifts, took him shopping, and told him that he lovedhim. The relationship ended when the victim refused to perform a sexual intercoursein the car during a trip (Kiesling, 2013).

II.                How the subject was caughtIn 1998, at the age of 12 Brett wastaken by Sandusky to the showers in the locker rooms. When he was dropped off athome his hair was wet, and he told his mother that he showered with Sandusky.His mother then reported the incident to the university police.

DetectiveSchreffler and Detective Ralston from the State College Police Departmentlistened in on two conversations between Brett’s mom and Sandusky. He admittedthat he previously showered with other boys and then she tried to make himpromise that he would never shower with any other boy ever again. During thesecond conversation, the mother told Sandusky that he could not see Brettanymore.

Sandusky said that he knew he was wrong and wanted her forgiveness.However, he knew that he would never receive it, so he wished he was dead. InvestigatorJerry Lauro, from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, testified thathe interviewed Sandusky with Detective Schreffler. Sandusky admitted that he showeredwith Brett and hugged him in the shower, but also admitted that it was wrong forhim to do that. Ray Gricar, the District Attorney at the time, closed the caseafter he decided that Sandusky would not face any criminal charges (PennLiveStaff, 2012). A couple years later in 2002, the PennState graduate assistant went into the locker room at the Lasch FootballBuilding and saw a young boy with Sandusky who was were both naked.

He told hisfather and Coach Joe Paterno of what he had seen. The next day Paterno calledthe Penn State Athletic director, Tim Curley, and summarized the details ofwhat the graduate assistant had informed him of. A little bit later, Curley askedthe graduate assistant to come in for a meeting with Gary Schultz the SeniorVice President for Finance and Business. The graduate assistant informed themof the incident and they said they would look into it. Curley told the graduateassistant that Sandusky’s locker room keys were taken away and that he reportedthe incident to the Second Mile organization. The assistant was neverquestioned by police or required to testify in court until years later inDecember 2010 (PennLive Staff, 2012). Sandusky spent time with Aaron and thiscontact ended when he was a freshman at Clinton County High School. Aaron’smother filed a sexual assault report to the school which banned Sandusky from beingable to enter the premise.

The matter was then reported to the authoritiesbecause it is mandated by law. In 2009, the Pennsylvania attorney general beganthe investigation when Aaron told authorities that Sandusky touched himinappropriately over a period of four years. Sandusky retired in September 2010from the Second Mile. The following year in November, he was arrested andreleased on 100,000 dollar bail.

He was arraigned for forty-eight criminalcounts (PennLive Staff, 2012). III.             Trial, Verdict, where the subject is nowThe trial started on June 11, 2012 atthe county courthouse in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. The prosecution team was ledby Joseph McGettigan the State Deputy Attorney General.

Sandusky was led bydefense attorney Joseph Amendola. Eight witnesses testified in front of thejury that Sandusky sexually abused them as children. The testimony of the assaultson the two unknown victims was also heard by the jury. The eight males saidthey met Sandusky through The Second Mile. These experiences occurred from the1994 to 2009. The men had similar accounts of abuse which consisted of thembeing in the football locker room showers or in Sandusky’s home. Jason talkedabout the time he was a participant in The Second Mile and was sexually abusedwhich included unwanted oral and anal sex. The abuse began when he was thirteenyears old.

These incidents occurred about three times a week for three years.He continued to say that when he tried to distance himself, Sandusky offeredhim a contract for money to be able to spend time with him (Patriot-News, 2012).Sebastian (victim one) spoke on thesecond day of trial and testified to more than twenty incidents of sexualabuse. This included forced and unwanted oral sex performed by Sandusky from2007-2008 while he was a part of The Second Mile program. The abuse beganaround the age of 11 or 12. The jury heard from all eight of the men. On behalfof the prosecution, Mike McQueary, the former graduate assistant football coachfor Penn state, testified that he not only heard “skin on skin” slapping soundsbut also saw Sandusky in the showers holding the young boy very close to him(Patriot-News, 2012).

On the other hand, Sandusky’s defenseattorneys argued that the men accused him for a financial motive. The defenseteam also stated how a few of the accusers changed their stories around andsome of them even continued to have a relationship with Sandusky even after theabuse. For example, one of them introduced his girlfriend to Sandusky andanother went to a football game with him shortly before he was arrested. Dr.Atkins, a psychiatrist, said that Sandusky has a personality disorder which causedhim to have “attention seeking behavior and exaggerated emotions” in comparisonto the grooming behavior that the prosecution claimed (Patriot-News, 2012). On June 18, 2012 during a full dayrecess from court the prosecution team contacted NBC to obtain a full uneditedscript of the interview between Bob Costas and Sandusky.

Sandusky made astatement along the lines that he did not go out to try to satisfy his sexualneed from every young person he helped. According to legal analysts, thisstatement could be used by the prosecutors to cross examine Sandusky if he choseto take the stand (Patriot-News, 2012).On June 21, 2012, Matt Sandusky, one ofSandusky’s adopted sons, also claimed to be a victim of sexual abuse. He wasready to testify in court but chose not to. Defense attorney Amendola statedthat Sandusky was going to testify in his own defense but then did not because prosecutorswould have called Matt Sandusky forward ( Editors,2014). On June 22, 2012 the jury reached averdict in which they found Sandusky guilty on 45 of the 48 counts chargedagainst him.

The Judge revoked Sandusky’s bail at that time and ordered him tobe taken into custody. His attorneys filed a notice to appeal the conviction.Sandusky faced a maximum sentence of 442 years in prison. He got sentenced atthe minimum 30 years and a maximum of 60 years. Due to his age, this wasultimately a life sentence. Prosecutors asked for him to be declared a sexuallyviolent predator under Pennsylvania’s law similar to Megan’s Law. He would haveto report his address every three months and also attend counseling.

This willmost likely not be necessary because he will end up dying in prison (PennLiveStaff, 2012). Sandusky was placed at State Correctional Institution-Greenebecause he was considered vulnerable due to him committing these acts onchildren and also because he is well known. He was moved to a medium-security facilitySCI-Somerset in Western Pennsylvania which houses about 2,400 inmates (AssociatedPress, 2017).IV.             Why did the subject commit the crimea.      Sociological Explanation The sociological explanation behindchild sexual abuse includes but is not limited to: male socialization,pornography, social tolerance of eroticizing children, unequal powerrelationships between men and women, and the patriarchal privileges of men (SouthEastern CASA, 2017). The male socialization can cause males to have anxiety andfrustration over their sexuality. Sandusky’s parents are the sociologicalfactors that affected him.

He was raised by both parents and grew up around theBrownson House which had sports and recreational activities for kids. Sanduskymay have been abused as a boy by his father at the recreation center which mayexplain Sandusky’s motives behind The Second Mile (Kiesling, 2013). As Sanduskygrew up his shyness as a teenager can be an explanation of the malesocialization. Sandusky committed these crimes while being married so thisexemplifies how he viewed there to be an unequal power between men and women.

b.      PsychologicallySandusky committed serial child sexualabuse and there is a psychological explanation as to why. The abuser must havea motive to sexually abuse individuals.

There are three underlying componentsas to why one would sexually abuse children. Emotional congruence is when theemotional needs are satisfied by having sexual contact with a child. Then thereis sexual arousal which is when the abuser receives sexual gratification fromthe child. Lastly, there is blockage which is when the individual is unable toreceive alternate sources of sexual gratification or they do not fully satisfyhim/her (South Eastern CASA, 2017). Sandusky possessed these three componentsbecause he built emotional relationships with the boys from his organizationand would constantly spend time with them. He would find the boys sexuallyarousing which would make him feel good.

Sandusky was married but he may nothave been satisfied with his marriage and sex life so he turned to the kids.Psychological motivational factors include problems with emotional development,need to feel power and control, reenactment of trauma during childhood,inadequate social skills, and marital problems (Faupel, 2017). Sandusky may haveexperienced some sort of trauma as a child along with having an issue withemotional development so he relied on the kids for fulfillment. He also wasable to obtain control over the kids so this helped him feel powerful. Then there are internal inhibitionswhich the abuser has to overcome to commit the sexual abuse. If the abuser isinhibited by taboos or societal norms then he/she will not sexually abusechildren.

In relation to Sandusky, as a kid he stated that he created Jer’s law,but this would not stop him from committing some acts. This shows how eventhough he might have known the difference between right and wrong he still wasunable to overcome his internal inhibitions later on in life. These inhibitorscan include alcohol, psychosis, or impulse disorder (South Eastern CASA, 2017). Sandusky was not able to suppress hisimpulses not only as a child but also as an adult, so this led him to sexuallyabuse children.  The abuser must then overcome externalobstacles and external inhibitions before sexually abusing. Inhibitors that mayrestrain the abuser include family, societal sanctions, friends/peers, and theamount of supervision the child receives. The more the opportunity and the lesssupervision there is the easier it is for the abuser to move past theseexternal inhibitors (South Eastern CASA, 2017).

In this case, Sandusky hadunlimited opportunities to take advantage of the kids. He would be unsupervisedwhile he would take the kids to games, camps, or even have sleepovers withthem. The kids would have absentee fathers with mothers who were highly trusting.

External inhibitors include an absent or ill mother, mother not close toprotective, opportunities to be alone with the child, lack of supervision, andunusual sleeping or rooming conditions (Australian Institute of Family Studies,2015). Lastly, there is resistance which iswhen the offender has to overcome the child possibly resisting the sexualabuse. Abusers have a good sense of detecting which kids will be good victimsand who can be intimidated or manipulated to keep the abuse a secret.  Abusers can pick out vulnerable children andthey use the grooming process to take advantage of the child. The abuser can useforce causing the victim to react in several different ways (South EasternCASA, 2017).  Sandusky would slowly takeadvantage of the kids by “appropriately” touching, to inappropriately touchingand then to committing violent forms of sexual abuse.

Most of the youth hademotional insecurities so he was able to use that against them. If the youthdid not want to engage in sexual acts he would use coercion. For example, oneof the victims mentioned how he was in the basement screaming telling Sanduskyto stop.

c.      Biological Explanation The biological theories are concernedwith the role of androgens and androgen releasing hormones because this has arelationship to the physical changes males undertake. During puberty,testosterone levels significantly increase in the tests.

Testosterone and sexlevels have a correlation. The testosterone is the main biological factor thatis in charge of normal or abnormal sexual behavior. Hormone levels are affectedby erotic stimulus (Terry & Tallon, 2014).

According to Center for SexOffender Management, there are some individuals who may be predisposed towarddeviant sexual behaviors due to predetermined biological sexual appetites orpreferences (2017). Sandusky may have been predisposed to commit these sexuallydeviant acts. When Sandusky was a teenager, his testosterone levels may havecontributed to his fondness of abnormal sexual behavior. d.

      Economical Explanation Sandusky had a great amount to offerbecause not only did he have a good income but he was also well known. TheSecond Mile was an important “business hub” in the town and this organizationgathered substantial amounts of money. He had prestige due to him being anassistant coach for Penn state and this allowed him to have special privileges.

Even after he retired he was able to have access to the locker rooms and otherfacilities at Penn State. He had close relationships and connections with stateofficials within the state attorney general’s office, the Department of PublicWelfare, and the Pennsylvania Department of State. He also had connections withuniversity officials, community, and business leaders. This helped him maintaina wall of protection around him so his crimes were unable to be detected for along period of time (Kiesling, 2013). This ultimately allowed him to get waywith sexually abusing the children. The Second Mile helped conceal Sandusky’smotives and acts.V.

               ConclusionJerry Sandusky had a successful careerand was admired by many people in the community for reaching out and helpingat-risk youth. The victims of Sandusky claimed similar incidents of sexualabuse which shows how he is a serial offender. There is not simply oneexplanation as to why he committed these crimes. There is the sociologicalexplanation which pertains to the environment he was raised in and the socialnorms that influenced him to abuse children.

From the psychological standpoint,Sandusky had motivation to commit the crime. He was unable to control his impulsescontrol and an abundance of opportunities to be alone with the boys. Thebiological explanation shows how Sandusky has biological factors that causedhim to engage in these abnormal sexual acts. Economically, Sandusky earned ahigh income from The Second Mile and had money to groom the children.

Ironically,as he was secretly abusing these children he was receiving money to help thesechildren in his organization. Due to him being a well-known man with wealth andconnections no one questioned him. This played a part in his ability to be aserial violent sex offender because he did not think he would get caught.Justice was served, and he is now paying time for the horrific acts hecommitted.