It is about the areas of industrial America and the life around them. In Get the Gasworks, Ignition shows that he believe poetry should be solely about beauty, but it should be based on reality. The title of the poem uses the word gasworks. Gasworks are the areas around industrial areas. His use of the word gasworks gives the reader a picture of a dirty area. That was his goal because he is showing the reality of the area and not Just the beautiful areas. Before you even read the poem he puts an image of a filthy area in your head.

Line two reads, got the smoke and smokestacks, (2). ? He uses smoke and smokestacks to cast an image of smog and a dark sky with pollution coming from these smoky towers. It makes the reader think that no one would ever want to visit an area like this and that there Is a lot of sickness. The smoke and smokestacks he writes of seem to cloud over the whole area with darkness. The next Image Ignition shows Is and mottled red and yellow tenements, This image makes the housing in the area seem shabby and gross. He uses the word the word mottled which means splotched or blotted with different Hades of colors.

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This word casts a powerful image on the houses in the area. It makes the housing seem like it has bad paint Jobs that are peeling up and have places where the colors necessarily match. The word makes me think that the smoke and pollution in the area may of had something to do with the houses shabby appearance. He also uses the word tenement to describe the houses. His using of the word tenements display the houses as rundown. A tenement Is usually used to describe a house that is low rent and somewhat dilapidated.

This line shows that the area Is far from beauty and that the people are by no means wealthy. The next lines demonstrate how the children of the area speak. Ignition writes, ? kids who curse with the pungency of the odor of gas. He casts two images in this line. The first is the dirty little kids. Dirty little kids are everywhere in the world, but rarely shown in poetry and other literary works. Grimy kids make the area seem desperate, and it also makes you wonder where their parents are, and why they keep their children clean.

The second image n this line is children cursing with the pungency of the odor of gas. It is somewhat a double image also. First It shows the kids swearing, again making you wonder where the parents are, and even if their parents are around that Is probably where they learned how to curse. Cursing makes the gasworks area seem uneducated and low class. By using the pungency of the odor of gas to describe how they swear makes It seem Like there Is a smell of gas from the Industrial areas that leaks to the residential areas of the gasworks. I en last words AT ten TLS stanza are AAA got America, DOD.

C,-1?0 Up to this point in the poem Ignition makes the reader feel sorry for the area and like it needs help. But with this line Ignition says that America is not Just the beautiful mountains, rivers, and valleys that most poets show. America is a grimy, dirty place where industry is very prominent and the gasworks area is a true representation of this. The second stanza begins with two lines that show the dirt and filth of the American gasworks. Sketch in the rivers and barges, all dirty and slimy, In these lines Ignition shows that the rivers in this region beautiful, but dirty with pollution and