Twice Exceptional
Quality of being both gifted and having a physical, and emotional, or a learning disability.
Asperger Syndrome
a conditional characterized by severely impaired social skills and the occurrence of repetitive or restrictive behaviors that keep highly able children from learning some skills and developing socially.
Asynchronous Development
Also referred to as uneven integration, this is development in which intellectual growth is ahead of physical and social and / or emotional development.
having exceedingly high expections about how one can or should perform academically or inother areas
cluster grouping
Assigning students of the same grade level who have been identified as gifted to a small instructional group within a class of other wise heterogeneously grouped students
underrepresented populations
groups traditionally excluded from many gifted education programs, including fifted girls, ethnic and cultural minorities, economically
multiple inteligence
different ways of learning and processing information, as identified by psychologist Howard Gardner.  Each student has relative strengths and weaknesses within these domains-linguistic, musical, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial,bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal,intrapersonal,and naturalistic
blooms techonomy
classification of thinking into six levels of increasing complexity, knowledge,comprehension,application,analysis,synthesis, and evaluation
Underachievement Underperformance
school performance that falls far short of a student’s ability
Emotional Intelligence
A form of intelligence-characterized by profound self-awareness, self-motivation, empathy,persistence, and social ability
Growth of intelligence
Depends on the interaction between our biological inheritance and our environment opportunities to use that inheritance
the aggregate of an individuals cognitive, affective, physical, and intuitive functioning.
is a biologically rooted concept that serves as a label for a high level of intelligene and indicates an advanced and accelerated developmentof functions within the brain.
Gifted Individuals
are those who have developed high levels of intelligence and therefore operate or perform, or show promise of operating or performing, at high levels in any of the areas of intelligence.
Talent Development
involves the deliberate and planned effort to provide children with an enriched and responsive learning environment both at home and at school so that all of their talents and abilities will have the opportunity to develop to maximum levels.
If intelligence is used to connote only that which is measured by intelligence tests then those who score in the upper _______; on such a test could be spoken of as gifted .
refers to the uneven rates of cognitive, emotional, and physical development found in gifted children.
exceptionally or profoundly gifted individuals.; Highly gifted tend to evidence more energy than gifted individuals; they think faster and are more intent and focused on their interests and they exhibit a highter degree of ability in most of the traits we have identifies with giftedness.
two standard deviations
the highly gifted child to be performing two standard deviations above the average child
moderately gifted children
waste nearly half of their time in a regular classroom and exceptionally giftd children waste almost all of their time
a child who is performing at the level of an adult professional in a cognitively demanding field before the age of 10
group test
present additional problems by being so easy that highly gifted children read more into the items than was intended by teh test constructor
can be promoted by ambiguity
value originality
common charicteristic of someone who promotes creativity is that they value originality
4 areas of criteria
gifted cordinators
From the first years of school, girls learn to
conceal their talents by imitating the behavior of the children with whom they are placed
African American
shows more clear alighnment to the behaviors of the socioeconomic status level
American Indian
nature and natural resources are personal
found to have a high degree of self-descipline and self-motivation
cultural attitudes and values related to family cohesiveness have been associated with the lack of development of a separate sense of identity
situational Underachieving Gifted Stidemts
those who underachieve only on occasion such as when a particularly difficult home problem erupts or a clash occurs with one particular teacher
Chronic underachiever
pattern recurs again and again, presents a problem particularly resistant to remediation