Global Warming is the greater amount of the typical world internal heat as the outcome what we know was the greenhouse, it can also be known as the measure of the temperature of the earth increase or decrease, the record has been started since 1950. The Global Warming caused by the human being on the natural event such as digging nature source industry exhaust and deforestation. Global Warming is serious issues of the environment it is because when the temperature raised up there will be a big effect of the life form of flower and tree, and also the chain effect of the animals they are two categories reason two cause of global warming such as natural and human influences. The surrounding of the earth change when the energy variety, this compare before the time changed when the earth climate is the case that human- released greenhouse gases it cause global warming. The reason for world getting hotter mainly cause by human responsible that heating uplands and oceans, the average of the earth surface temperature is rising up over the past century, firstly due to greenhouse gases release as human burn fuels and making capacity of the form of energy source, Especially high-energy particles which cause ionization when the pollutants can last for the year of the one hundred in the surrounding the earth when the heat cause the earth to getting hotter what is known as the greenhouse effect. When the temperatures of the surface rose between 1906 and 2005, In addition, the temperatures are nearly double up the last 50 years. The temperatures can go up further. We can start a new turn to lowdown from 2005 to 2014 to the new technology and redevelop the new power plants and solar panel to help save our world.

There is much practical solution to global warming which is to the problem of too much heat-trapping emission that human putting into the atmosphere. One of the solutions is to reduce tropical deforestation the global community communicated with the entire member from all over the country work together and support each other with effect to reduce the emission from fossil fuel. As many have approved that the economic, health and environmental may have occurred in other to reduce tropical deforestation. The global warming is now certain when the sea level rise, most constant and heat waves, will wildfire will be in danger in the bad weather occasion due to heavy downpour and flood. The person who leads an organization is makers over the decades that we are now in avoiding the dangerous with the rise of the temperatures that should be contacted with another such as due to effect of economic outbreak the global community and the member should reduce cut down trees and start planting trees, for individual it should stop printing and use less paper whether it at home or work we should not have a lazy habit on everything also printing hard copy, we should make use of electric device to just read on the screen rather than print a hardcopy to read. Individual should also practice recycling whatever can be recycling, to do so individual should look up those materials that can be recycled instead of throw away in a bin or throwing into recycle bin, they should call or send it to recycle company. An Individual should also careful on their spend on buying meat product because it remains problematic and time- consuming trying to source meat products that are entirely devoid of being harvested on land that once brimmed with trees. In addition, if we buy food from hawker centre or food court we must bring our food container instead of using their plastic bags to buy food. As individual and the country should also significantly reduce the amount of firework when there is celebrating 

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Another effective measure taken by the global community is to cut down carbon emission by 20%, authority needs to step forward to particular the global warming programme to do so the community should promote electric car and a hybrid car it will help to reduce the heat-trapping gas to the emission. We need helping to reduce something to advance of natural for surrounding of the earth However the petrol cost going increasing, if people will drive to work or send their children they need to pump petrol for a day will cause carbon dioxide. In addition to reduce gasoline we must take public transport to work. The community also has to encourage people to economize of used electricity and water, one way to economize is to take advantage of the free home energy audit offer of many utilities suppliers, and also identify where the energy hogs in their houses. They can switch off all the electric supply when they are not used. The home users can think of changing their light bulbs to LED light is can give the same light but also saving 50% of electric compared to the normal bulbs.

The energy supply use to heat and cool our house, office and industries in the huge contributor to global warming. The energy effectiveness devices help us to reduce less energy get the same amount of level from components and pleasant service. This should be requested great develop into something in the future to can save both energy and our hard earned money that we can take action quickly. The result of the nuclear power of the global warming emissions that share amount of the mix energy to help to reduce a long period of time. The nuclear threats that are very serious it will harm our security. Our healthcare and the environment may have occurred as well. Can it be safe to removing and destroying the disposal what cost access of the nuclear power. The next generation of the research team are concerned to use low-carbon especially in the  industry it will be comments from the edge of mid –century making something less in an amount in global emission. They have current research on the batteries technology with the new materials for a solar battery that can produce energy from the unusual sources same like which can cause disease and a large that include many-celled forms. The other way that can advance and original areas that can offer supreme leap.

This research paper that I have knows that our earth is bad in addition we must save and protect our earth. Global warming may have due to as a lot of problem for us that we make global warming happen. However, people have died as a result due to sickness. However it will also affect our economics and our country. We much need to reduce the global warming by using less gasoline, we should help to reduce, reuse and recycle to help the global warming clean to making the earth temperature expand. Due to our generations should have a starter to learn about global warming and take care of the environment. In addition, the next younger generation will be unpleasant if we do not start to reduce global warming. However, the global warming should be careful now. We should learn from each other and know about the global warming that can help to save the earth and the environment.