For my choice of sequence I have chosen the salatso murder. I have chosen this sequence because it is an important sequence not only to the story the movie tells, but cinematically as well. Reasons for cinematic importance include; the use of sound, such as the train noise in relation to michael’s internal conflict, the variations of shots for different parts of the sequence, and the variation of light as the sequence matures With michael’s progress in the murder. “the godfather”is a film made in 1972 directed by Francis Coppola.

The film is the first of a three part gangster based drama/thriller. The film offers a peek into the work of the mafia in new York of organized crime and gives you question at some points of who the good guy really is. In 1972 Roger Ebert wrote a review saying the movie was deffinetly one of his favorite. He said although the movie is 3 hours long it absorbs us so well it never has to hurry to explain or show us anything. And he also says even with the 3 hour length there are still characters you never fully understand.

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This sequence can tell the main story of the godfather well if you were to look into it. This sequence is the final transition of Michael from being just Michael to taking lead in the family business, which wan not what don corleone the godfather wanted for him. This related to the movie as a whole because the whole movie is just  that. It is about michael’s gradual decent into the family business. whereas the salatso murder sequence is that gradual decent in one sequence. zksjsdf AKFHD GFHJl A Df Hdkajhhm The sequence relates to the whole film not only in the story but inematically as well. The overall feel of the people is that they are in face mafia, and look mafia for example any one related the the mafia is always well dressed and redy for the next step. You can tell the police chief isn’t actual mafia by looking at what he wears. This scene is very typical of the film given the information. This scene cinematically takes place in an Italian restaurant. The lighting is mainly dim not bright not dark. The only variation in the lighting is the red sign at the door which is michael’s only exit. This can symbolize the point of no return into the mob.

It is red to make a connection to the blood shed. The miss en scene for this sequence brings relevance to the whole look of the character build. They are in the mob, they are wearing expensive looking suits. The diner they are in has extra forks and spoons on the table to the side for guests who may come. Sound plays a huge role in this sequence. The one thing that keeps repeating throughout the sequence is the sound of the train. It is possible that this is a sound that reminds Michael about what he is doing and what he is there for.

A couple of added sounds for an enhanced feel would include the opening of the whine bottle, the background noise, the gun shots and the pouring of the whine. The editing of this sequence includes cuts from Michael to salatso taking turns staring at each other, the red mist made to act as a blood mist as salatso gets shot (this is an effect easily done in after effects). In conclusion, this is one of if not the most important scenes in this film. This is the climax scene for Michael’s entrance into the mob as the new don. When making this film you can tell this scene spared no time in production and the results show well.