God is retiring huh! And making me the new God, first of all, he made a great decision making me the new God.Being a God, there are around infinity things I could do. I will make everyone feel safe and secure, at home, school and in any place that exists in the world. No woman, children or men will face any threat, no more sexual abuse and brutality with women ever, neither rape nor any kind of harassment to any women . Being a God, I will fulfill justice to each and everyone. I would banish different forms of religion. Perhaps if we all had the same beliefs we would have peace in the world.As a God, I’d guarantee clean and crystal clear blue water, huge beautiful mountains, different species in the environment, no extinction of any species ever, so that everyone loves the beauty of nature. I would provide the world with clean fresh air every time they breathe. All health spas and services including massages would be free and available to everyone, making it a necessity so that the humans experience a healthy well-being.  Well, guess who doesn’t want a free relaxing massage in the weekend plus a free drink too.Giving 100% free and fastest internet access to everyone in the world, well which means you will be able to watch unlimited funny cute cat videos as much on youtube and watch all of the season of GOT with your loved ones all night. Instead of hate, i will spread love as much as I can. As a god I will myself enjoy too, I will get myself a pet dragon and would name her Drago, I would fly him across over the world. Like Tony Stark, I would also create my Iron Man suit and also  batmobile just for fun in case I want to hang out with my friends late nights.Talking about the educational system, I would definitely change, the way of teaching and learning rather than being in a strict routine or manner in the school, I will make the learning more in fun and informative way. Students will be able to decide which particular thing they want to move ahead in life, according to that they will be taught and assessed, this was the learning. In teaching, I would change the foundation of educational system , I would switch away from teacher and switch to mentors, trust me  the thing you only learn something when it comes from a mentor , nobody learns by someone lecturing the , nobody learning in a packet , nobody is learning from someone who hasn’t done it , Human learn by osmosis. You find someone who has 6 packs, you start hanging out with them long enough, it will rub off on you and you might start getting 6 packs b. You are broke and have no money, you start hanging out with people who have money or making money, next thing you start picking out is there a trick here and trick there, and it will just come to you and start making money by yourself, nobody is forcing you down the throat like they do in classrooms . As Jim Ron said, “A formal education can make you living but a self-education will make you a fortune”.These are some brief idea what I am going to change if I became the new God but there is a lot more. Especially if I am becoming the new God I don’t want any prayers of mine or any temple, church or masjid , i am happy the way i am living, no need of huge statues to be created for me. Just keep me in your heart that’s enough for me. Just Believe and stay happy.