Air Pollution
Harmfuls things to the air.
Alternative Energy
Saying power by using sunlight , wind power ETC.
Reuseable product which can be used in diesel vehicles
Carbon Dioxide
Fossil Fuel is transmitted into Carbon Dioxide and the gas contributing to the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide is absorbed.

Compact Fluorescent bulb
Smaller version of fluorscent lamp that fits into a standard light blub socket. F.B creates light in a energy efficent way.
Friendly product to the envirnment
Use less energy
Reusable friendly maked with grass, sugar cane or corn
Fossil Fuel
Fuel oil or natural gas formed from the remains of dead plants and animals
Global Warming
G.W is the rise in the earth temperature
Going Green
Better ways of helping the community in greener and eco-friendly ways.
Greenhouse Effect
Green Power
Renewable resource product
not going green just stating a statement.
Hybrid vehicle
A care that uses gas and diesel powered engine to intend fuel.
An alcohol that can be used as an fuel or as gasoline additive
Foods that are produced according to certain prodution standards.
colorless form of oxygen that protects the earth.
Pullution Prevention
Reducing the amount of energy, materials, packaging, or water in the design, manufaturing or purchasing of products.