air polution
addition of harmful substance to the atmosphere resulting in damage to evironment and other means of life.
alternate energy
Natural geneated energy source.
Capable of decomposing under natural conditions.
A diesel-epuivalent, processed fuel derived from biological sources,wich can be used in unmodified diesle-engine vehicle.
A colorless,odor gas that passes out of he lungas during respiration.It is also agiven off by volcano
eco friendly
An alternate to goods usually bought in most stores .These products are made with ecology and the environment in mind.
energy efficiency
To save energy in your home.
An automotive fuel derived from grass, sugar cane or corn.
fossil fuel
Hydocarbons, pimarily coal and petroleeum, formed from the fossilized remains of dead plants and animals.
global warming
is the rise in the earth’s tempature resulting from an increse in heat-trapping gasesin the atmosphere.