I think that been in a position where you have the authority to decide who Is wrong and who Is right or who does what, could make your habits of becoming a good communicator a bit harder than It should be. The reason is because, if you have the position off manager in a hospital, and you are the one taking all types of important decisions you could start thinking at some point that there is no reason why you should listen to anyone else opinions. You might start think that the only opinion that matters is yours and that listening or paying attention o anyone else it’s Just a waste of time.

Understanding, that you should always keep an open mind can save you a lot of trouble and time, One of the skills In communication that I Like most Is nonverbal communication. Learning to use, understand and read nonverbal communication can become a major factor in your workplace. A way that you can use this skill in healthcare is if you want to let a doctor know about a patient’s condition but you do not want the patient to understand the situation then you can use the skill of nonverbal communication.

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I myself I’m not the best communicator there Is, when it comes to listening I am all ears especially If I am talking to a family member such as my mother or sister. In the other hand, I do listen to someone I do not know well but I tend to retain back on my pollen, especially If I know that it will hurt them in a way or that they are going to disagree with me on what I say or think. While I was taking the “how assertive are you? ” quiz, I got the following results. (53-43) If you scored in this range, you are reasonably assertive in mom areas but considerably less so in other areas. For example, although you might feel fairly comfortable expressing your honest opinions to a close friend or family member, you refrain from volcano your views In a group setting, particularly If you know others disagree with you. You could improve your score by learning and practicing assertive communication skills. ” (Communicating in the Workplace, by Thomas Cheeseboard, Linda O’Connor, and Francisco Iris.

Published by Prentice Hall. Copyright 2010 by Pearson Education, Inc. I do think that this result is accurate because of how I act in a group that I am not familiar with. Although been a good communicator has a lot In to It, I believe that the best and most Important thing Is listening. My mother works In a hospital and she Is now In charge of a group of people, she starts her day by giving everyone and each of the worker a work are in which they have to complete some of the requires.

Many times my mother gets talk back too in a disrespectful way, but her way of dealing with it is by taking the person ho is been disrespectful to the side and talking to him or her in a calming way but she also listens to what their opinions are and what the reason Is that they are been rude Ana Electroscopes. It requires a lot AT patient when It comes to receive communicator because you will not always hear what you want to hear. You will encounter with different types of communicators that you might not like, but the key is to keep an open mind and not Judge by the way they look or appear to be.