Good morning fellow delegates and honorable
chair on behalf of the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf and prime minister Stefan
Löfven and the great citizens of this nation, the Kingdom of Sweden is
thankful for the invitation and is pleased to be here and would like to invite
all delegations here present into using this international forum in order to
address and create possible solutions to the issue of Nuclear Energy Testing
and Waste Disposal Management concerning all the international community.

The Kingdom of Sweden is interested in
finding solutions to regulate this alarming situation; nuclear energy is the
splitting of the nuclei of an atom. On the other hand nuclear energy testing
refers to the experimentation of the effectiveness of a nuclear weapon. During
World War II, nuclear energy testing and weapons began to be used more
frequently. After the events in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it was brought to
attention the need to focus on nuclear energy testing and waste disposal management.
“At present there is clear and unequivocal understanding that each country is
ethically and legally responsible for its own nuclear wastes” (United Nations,
n.d.). Also, every nation is responsible for the safety use of their nuclear
energy (United Nations, n.d.).

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The Kingdom of Sweden first priority is to
have nuclear safety. This delegation is part of the “Treaty of the
Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons” since the year of 1968. This treaty
consists in “preventing the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology as well
as to foster the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, and to further the goal of
disarmament” (IAEA, n,d,). Also, this delegation has eight nuclear reactors
that provide for 40% of the electricity of the nation. The Kingdom of Sweden is
very interested in the improvement of enviromental conditions. Concerning waste
management disposal, this delegation has an organization that specialize in
nuclear waste management, its called the Swedish Radiation Safety
Authority which “regulates nuclear safety and radiation protection” (World Nuclear
Association, 2017). In
the Kingdom of Sweden “Low level wastes are disposed at reactor sites, and some is incinerated at the Studsvik RadWaste
incineration facility” (World Nuclear Association,2017). Intermidate level
radioactive waste is dispose in an underground repository. Finally high level
wastes of radioactivity are disposed in an interim repository for used fuel.

In order to decrease this issue concerning
the whole international community, this delegation gladly presents the
following solutions:

·      Creating
campaigns worldwide in order to raise awareness about the importance of
addressing nuclear energy testing and waste management disposal;

·      Focus
nuclear energy technology in environmental development aspects rather than
military aspects, for instance the generation of electricity since its more
ecofriendly due to the low emission of CO2;

·      Create
laws that will enhance the security, verification and safety of the use of
nuclear energy and nuclear energy disposal materials;

·      Providing
active nuclear plants with safety equipment to handle radioactive wastes or
materials and to reassure that the personnel are professional experts in
nuclear energy so an incident like Chernobyl will not happen again.


The Kingdom
of Sweden is open to new ideas and will like to thank all fellow delegates and
the honorable chair for the attention granted to this delegation.