Got the cell idea to work, it could be more competitive on price and delivery, and winning more orders. This ideawill need a lot more volume to justify establishing the cell. The benefits are increasing initial costs. The two men handle volume and make far better use of their existing resources.2- At what stage, and how, should Dean sell his idea to the JoineryManager and the workers?At the second stage, because first stage is done and profitable, Mr. Dean should sell cell work idea to theManager. The point at which orders are scheduled and allocated to workers and the gains will naturally flow back to the first stage of estimation and quoting.3- How different would the cell work be to that in the main Joinery department?This proposed cell would be for staircases alone. Work outside of the cell would require separate joiners with the ability to complete other products such as doors and windows. it would all change with the conversion to the cell manufacturing system. The new system would also differ in terms of the workers being assigned to individual cells rather than being responsible for all parts of the process.4- Should Dean differentiate the working environment by providing distinctive work-wear such as T-shirts and distinctively painted machines, in order to reinforce a cultural change?The project is one of managing change. This means that the management should build an organizational culture that is based on the process of innovation to encourage employees. Employees are the most important assets of an organization and should create employee satisfaction and increase productivity. So if providing distinctive work-wear such as T-shirts and distinctively painted machines will lead to reinforce a cultural change.5-What risks are associated with Dean’s proposal?Dean’s proposal leads to challenge of costs that will be incurred as a result of the factory floor being rearranged.So work stoppages during the implementation process. Another challenge for Mr. Dean will be to manage project implementation in such a manner that the normal process flow is not disrupted during the transition period. Additional costs will be incurred in the form of training and development programs that will have to be conducted in order to help the employees adapt to the new structure.