Blake and the Romantic Imagination at Tate Britain 15th February- 1st May 2006 The exhalation Is delved amongst eight rooms, a number of artists, work, such as Henry Fusels, James Barry, Joseph Wright of Derby, Catherine Blake, Philippe Jacques De Litterbug display their work collectively. This collective exhibition including many great artists is an interesting way of showing their work, acting like a whole installation. The mall focus of the Installment targets gothic stories, poems , ghouls, Ideas of magic and all things Involving terror, love romance, passion.

This ground breaking series of paintings teetered the public away from traditional and renaissance art and introduced sex, horror and violence. Focusing on Henry Fusels his work appears throughout eight rooms. “The Nightmare” for example holds great Importance as it depicts the time. “The Nightmare” Is an OLL planting on canvas stretching 101. Xx. CM wide painted in 1781 and has been copied by many artists throughout time. Why does this image create such impact?

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The public were shocked with this strong, venerable painting which left Fusels open to criticism The powerful, disturbing Image conjures up feelings of voyeurism, and by milling horror with sex the Image haunts the viewer. It has Eden argued Tanat tans planting nanas ten Key AT Fusels’ own sexual desires sparking debates between historians and psychologists. The woman featured here is thought to have been Anna Land a women whom Fusels had a strong sexual fascination for. If this is true this information can help us find a direct insight to Fusel’s’ desires.

The expression on her face is a telling one she looks tortured but more overpowering than that, there is a sense of euphoria and sexual gratification. There are many ideas to what the painting means. Why is the imp, also known as Mar, which is seen as a fertility fetish gargoyle dominating the woman? It is thought that the imp is sitting on top of the woman because he feeds from the her sexual energy. He hunts his victim and while she sleeps he takes her power. Is it the total domination of the woman which interested Fusels?