The story is about three boys who think highly of themselves. The narrator tells about how he and his friends, Digit and Jeff, drink, smoke, and stay out late. It is obvious that the narrator and his friends are immature and simply do not care about the consequences of their actions. The boys find themselves in a brawl with some men at the lake. The narrator separates from his friends to order to protect himself.

Trying to hide, the narrator has no choice but to plunge into the murky water. While hiding underwater, he bumps into a corpse. Scared and upset, the narrator gets out of the lake Just in time to watch his mother’s car being destroyed. This is when the Narrator realizes that the dead person is worse off than he is, and he has a second chance. At the end of the story when the Narrator and his friends find each other and get ready to leave, two girls show up at Greasy Lake.

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The girls ask the boys if they want to party with them. The boys decline. When the boys decline the invitation to party, this shows that they have learned their lesson. The Narrator states at the end that he wants to cry, possibly because he realizes that he is no longer innocent. Yet, with the sun coming up in the background this represents a new beginning for the boys. “Greasy Lake” is not Just about boys acting foolishly, It’s about knowing that there will always be fresh beginnings In your life.