The company also has a continuous business with Ben and Jerry Ice cream that successfully constitutes for 90 percent of Greenhorn’s daily production. Greenest Bakery also has an excellent mission for the employees of the company. They are committed to personal transformation and community renewal. This means that they go above and beyond donating and giving back to the community. Greenest Bakery also focuses heavily on hiring employees. They enroll potential employees in a six-month apprenticeship program where they learn technical and general business skills.

There is also a Bethinking Program that focuses on the current employees to maintain their skill sets In areas such as money management, nutrition, and parenting. By preparing these prospect employees with this Intensive program, they are developing the best staff and minimizing employee turnover. Happy employees results In a happy company environment which leads to success. Another guiding principle that is addressed by Greenest Bakery is to remain Dialectally sustainable to consistently conclave an operating pro T t.

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Nils means Tanat Greenest constantly strives to have stable finances in the company, making sure there is enough money to function successfully. 3. Greenest Bakery has developed the Greenest Foundation which funds numerous programs in the community, including child care, health and social services, housing for HIVE/AIDS individuals, and community gardens. Many consumers pay attention to if and how companies five back to the community. Since Greenest Bakery contributes to all of these organizations, it gives them a great advantage to these consumers.

Many companies do not incorporate such social activism because they do not have the time, energy, or money to do so. Many companies first starting out do not have community service on their priority list because their main concern is probably how they plan on paying rent or the electricity bill. It is rare to see a company such as Greenest Bakery have this mission upon development. Many companies do volunteer community service, but only after the company is already on its feet and can afford to do so. 4.

Greenest Bakery proves that it is possible to continue making a profit while trying to transform employees’ lives. I believe this can be possible only to an extent. Depending on the state that the employee is in determines how much a company can do to transform their lives. Offering numerous programs to implement the importance of health and survival is definitely possible. However, if these employees are undergoing a severe indention such as depression or a drug condition, there is only so much a company can do in order to continue profits.

These employees would have to undergo treatment that is beyond the company’s abilities to transform their lives, such as rehab. Even then, the company would risk the employee relapsing and having to do the process over again, which would require much time and money. If a company paid this close attention to all employee’s the profits would begin to decline. However, companies can implement some less extensive programs to help with problems the employee’s are having or to improve their work tactics.