There is many kinds of effective habits and there is many to consider. I think that without these habits we cannot go along. I consider the 7 habits off highly effective cook to be #1 Prepare well. Preparing well Is Important to be a highly effective cook because If you don’t prepare well all or some of your cooking will come out bad. Another habit Is #2 always clean and keep your kitchen organized. Keeping your kitchen clean and organized Is not Just helping with kitchen safety but It Is also eloping with knowing where your things are.

The habit #3 is having the right ingredients. Having the right ingredients is always important because if you have ONE wrong ingredient it can ruin your whole meal. The habit #4 is having accurate measuring. Accurately measuring your baking soda or your sugar is important because it can also ruin the food that you are trying to cook. Habit #5 is to have deferent ideas. Having different ideas is good because you deed to cook differently at times cooking the same thing gets kind of boring.

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Habit #6 Is Take advice from different people not the same people. Taking advice from different people will give you a variety of different Ideas that your family will love. It will also give you something fun and challenging to do every day. The last habit Is #7 learn to do foods and desserts from different countries. This will also be challenging and fun for your family to try. These are my seven habits for a highly effective cook.