Expanding or extending one’s thinking.More comprehensive or enlarged awareness from thinking or research.
Staying on task even even when tired or frustrated.

“The little Train that could”

Managing Impulsivity
Doing what “needs” to be done not what one “wants” to do.
Remaining open to continuous learning
Conducting research or striving for understanding of new knowledge or interpretations.
Thinking interdependently
Working together cooperatively with others.

Taking responsible risks
Going beyond one’s comfort zone. Daring to be great or to try something new.
Creating, imagining, innovating
Building a new experimental designs. Coming up with new ideas or inventions.

Listening with understanding and empathy
Compassionate. Trying to understand the condition or feelings of others.
Questioning and posing problems
I wonder what would happen if …Testing a hypothesis
Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision.
Writing or speaking using words that accurately describe exactly what is meant.
Applying past knowledge to new situations
Remembering what happened last time when and deciding to not make the same mistake.
Striving for accuracy
Double checking to make sure the measurement is exact and that the conclusion is valid.
Gathering data through all the senses
Listening carefully, smelling for hints of alcohol, and trying to understand if ones’s excuses, and story match the evidence.
Responding with wonderment and awe.
Having an epiphany or finding joy in the present moment or being amazed by what one has found.
Finding humor
Causes one to think about things differently without anger or possibly even feeling like their personal view is being challenged.
Thinking flexibly
Changing the current way one thinks about solutions, problems,or perspective to another view.
Thinking flexibly
Thinking outside the box.A fresh perspective.
Examining deeply if our interpretations of history or our language and culture allows us to truely understand new research that challenges our views.
Remaining open to continuous learning.
Allowing ourselves to examine our myths,values, and beliefs and to embrace new ideas and transcend previous understanding.