Hallo. Mein Name ist Laura. Ich lebe in Mishawaka, Indiana, und ich besuche Königin der Friedens Katholischen Schule. Ich bin in der achten Klasse. Ich schreibe einen Forschungsbericht über mein Erbe. Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Spaß beim Lesen. Auch, frohe Weinachten! My great-great-great-grandfather (from my mom’s side) came over to the United State in the 1850s from Germany. We aren’t clear on where exactly he lived, or where he went after that, but we do know he was from Germany Before we get into the report, I think we should learn more about Germany as a country. Germany has has a few main rivers: the Rhine, the Danube, the Elbe, and the Moselle. There are a few mountain ranges on the border of the country. These mountain ranges include the Bavarian Alps and the Ore Mountains. Germany is an irreligious country, also known as secular. First of all, Germans like to decorate a lot for the Christmas celebrations. That’s great because I do too. Advent plays a major role in Christmas celebrations there are many different types of Advent calendars used in German homes. As well as the ones made out of cardboard, they’re also ones that are made out of tree branches with little bags hanging off. Each bag either has a small candy or a small toy. There is also the Advent Kranz, or Advent wreath, which is very similar to the ones we as Americans use. One candle is lit at the beginning of each week. There is also the Tannenbaum, or Christmas tree, which was first used in German homes during the Middle Ages. The tree is usually brought into the house on Christmas Eve. If a family had children in the house, the mother would usually decorate their tree secretly. Germany is known for their outdoor markets that sell lots of food and decorations. Most decorations are ornaments made from hand-blown glass. The legend of the Christmas Pickle is famous in the US, but most Germans have never heard of the Christmas Pickle! Since I didn’t have any glass, I made my ornament out of clay . The Nutcracker is a traditional Christmas decoration, usually made out of wood. Secondly, the Germans don’t really worship God during Christmas time. There are some aspects that have predominantly Christian themes, but there is no outright worshipping. For example there are the Sternsingers, or Star singers. From December 27th through January 6th the singers go to house to house singing songs and collecting money for charity. There are for kids. 3 dress up like Magi and the other one carries a star to symbolize start back on. When they are done singing they sign the door frame like this, 20*M*C*B*17. It is considered to be bad luck to wash the sign away, but it can fade away by itself.On December 1, a Christmas market was evacuated, due to a potential terrorist threat. Last year, a package exploded at a Christmas market, and ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. As a result, more police officers were stationed there this time of year again out of fear of another attack. Well, they found a suspicious looking package outside a pharmacy, and decided to close down the entire market. Officers x-rayed the box and inside saw a large cylinder with multiple nails in it. They were able to properly dispose of the package. No one was injured, but it is still unclear whether it could have detonated or not, or it it was meant for the pharmacy or the market. There is  also no indication of terrorism or any other motive.On October 31, German train company, Deutsche Bahn, decided to name a train after the young diarist, Anne Frank. This has prompted an outcry. Merja Wenzel, the director of the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt, Germany said it “is based on historical amnesia.” People from the Anne Frank House said it was “painful for people who experienced these deportations and causes fresh pain for those who still bear the consequences of those times within them.” Deutsche Bahn decided to defend themselves by stating that it was an attempt to honour an “exceptional person” also, “It was not our intention at D.B. to disrespect the memory of Anne Frank in any way whatsoever. On the contrary – aware of the historical responsibility we bear, we made a deliberate decision to help keep Anne Frank’s memory alive. We are very sorry if any feelings were hurt as a result of this decision” Around Christmas time, Germans usually prepare Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses. They also make Christbaumgeback. Christbaumgeback is whitish dough that can be moulded into different shapes and they are used to decorate their Christmas tree. On Christmas, people make carp and goose. A popular Christmas dessert is stollen. Stollen is a yeast bread with raisins and other dried berries. Butter cookies and smoked ham rolls are also popular. I’m really sad I won’t have an opportunity to do this again next year because this is one of my favorite projects to research. I hope you enjoyed reading. Merry Christmas!