Have got dieting on your mind as your new year resolution?  Don’t worry; you have just got yourself a
treat of yummy and healthy meal plans! Fresh fruits and veggies, keto diet,
protein shakes, a piece of lean meat, nuts and so on- enjoy the balanced Paleo
Meal Plans.

The Healthy Xpress Paleo Meal Plans are based on a balanced
diet chart nuts with moderate amount of low glycemic carbs and gluten free
breads. This is not only one of the most efficient ways to lose weight but
also, helps you keep you to your growing health needs. We all want to age
gracefully and stay fit as much as possible; fresh ingredients, fruits,
vegetables and nuts are an essential part of our diet that maintains that
youthful glow on your face and increases your stamina.

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Why healthy meal plans?

Balanced Meal Plans are specially prepared to fulfill the
protein and nutrient requirement of your body. Every day we need to consume a
certain percentage of carbs, proteins and nutrients to live a healthy
lifestyle; keeping this in mind we portion and prepare healthy diet plans.

To stay fit and fine as well as defy the
health hazards of the growing age; food is the basic element that helps a body.
Healthy food always keeps you going and growing better.

Benefits of Paleo meal plans

We have Athlete Paleo Meal Plan at Healthy Xpress that has been
particularly designed for people who has a higher fitness regime and
consequently, need more of protein intake but, with low glycemic carbohydrates
in it. For them, Paleo diet foods or meals are just perfect! Such Balanced
lunch or supper provides anyone with pure carbs content, lean proteins so as to
ensure that their body is fueled with the required food element that shall
actually help them keep fit in the long run.

Keto- a healthy diet plan

Keto diets were developed for people who
needed lower carb options than the Paleo Meal Plans. The net carbohydrate count
that anyone would consume in keto meals is between 13 – 25 Net Carbs per day. Our
body produces ketones in the liver which is used for energy boost. Due to the
nature of the diet, anyone who decides to intake keto diet foods need to eat all
meals including breakfast, lunch as well as dinner for 4-5 days in a week to
maintain the fitness level.

Besides, there are other food options as well such as wraps,
all day meals, shakes, etc. so there is something or the other for everyone!
Happy Healthy Munching!