Annie?was father, Johnny, worked for the Federal government; her mother, Margaret, was a school teacher. As such, her maternal grandparents?w home was considered home, where Annie and her only sibling, Mark, spent most of their summers while their mother completed her college degree. Johnny is 76 and Margaret is 73. They are both retired. Johnny usually attends church alone. Margaret claims to be a Baptist Christian but Is not demonstrative with her faith. Her father was the nurturing parent. He played games with both children, spent time discussing books, nature, and helping with school projects.

Annie?was mother was very conscious of social status and outward appearances presented In the community. Her mother was less than nurturing and Insisted on perfection In the home?¦s appearance as well as both children?was academics, extracurricular activities, and behavior in general. When failure or shortcoming occurred, severe punishment was executed by Annie?was mother, in the form of corporal punishments and restrictions. Her mother was very authoritarian. Annie began searching for love by marrying quite young to escape her mother?was dominance.

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Her brother escaped through his music and even tried to run away several times. Annie married alcoholics and/or drug abusers her first three marriages. All were from ?¦good?ј families. All three husbands were physically abusive. Her first husband, Henry, abandoned Annie and their three-month-old daughter to find himself and party with his friends. Marriage was boring to him. After three and a half years, Annie married a childhood friend, Pat, from her grandparents?w hometown in Mississippi.. This marriage produced one child, Rick.

After the third trip to the emergency room, Annie took her children and moved In tit her parents two and half years after leaving, Pat contacted Annie professing undying love and devotion. Their reunion resulted in an out-of-wedlock pregnancy of twins. When told of the pregnancy Pat denied the baby could even be his and told Annie to Just get rid of It. Her mother supported Pat?was suggestion since she told et want a ?¦bastard?[l grandchild. Annie complied and says there have often been regrets that she din?wet take a stand to protect her unborn children.

Her third husband, Gene, committed spousal rape against Annie and abandoned her Just Deter thanksgiving In 000. Annie marble Enamel In October 2 Annie got a job and moved to Michael?was hometown a month before they married. Annie went back to nursing, a Job she hated, to prove to Michael that she was nothing like his former wife, who was a stay-at-home-mom. She din?wet want to be a burden on Michael. Michael stated he wanted a partner in life. Shortly after they married, Annie gave up her Job to work with Michael in his father?was insurance firm. Michael also restored and repaired antique European cars on the side.

This provided adequate income for them to live comfortably and purchase a home that Michael chose because it was a good buy. Annie?was preference in the purchase of this house was completely ignored. This purchase caused tension between Annie and Michael, often erupting into yelling matches. Eight months after purchasing this house, Annie and Michael sold it for a profit to purchase a house Annie picked out. Michael?was automotive business expanded into internet part sales. The company became the United States distributor for several European manufacturers.

Annie became Michael?was web-designer and secretary while working to develop two businesses of her own. After seeing the business expand and grow rapidly, the sudden shift in economy cause all three businesses to fold. With Michael?was encouragement, Annie went back to school to complete her education in 2008 in professional counseling. After completing her master?was she was asked to Join a junior college as an associate professor in anatomy and physiology in Florida. Michael was to find employment and follow her as soon as possible. Michael visited Florida twice during the time Annie was employed at the college.

Due to budget cuts, Annie?was position was eliminated a year later. She moved home feeling like she had failed Michael once again. Shortly after coming home and accepting a position at her previous employer, Annie began to have health issues. The tension has mounted between she and Michael. Michael accused Annie of ?speaking?o her illness until she developed blood clots; one in her leg and one in her lung. Annie feels she is still failing Michael, her marriage, and even her chosen profession in counseling. She feels she will not make a good counselor for anyone since she feels she is failing in putting her own life together.