Why we are not under the law of the Old Testament? We are not under the law of the Old Testament because of the grace of God. Jesus made a new Covenant with His people and because of HIS death for our sins; It Is grace that sets us apart from the unsaved. Romans 5:20 explains that the law of the a ligament was Carlen In s Tanat ten SSL malign Increase, out winner ten sin increased grace would increase even more. Romans 4:16 talks about faith in the guaranteed promise to Abraham?was offspring are now by the grace of God.

Deuteron 18:9-13 is the law that I can easily apply to my life. Deuteron 18: 9-13 is about the law that God gave to His people before they enter into their land. God forbid His people to do any kind of witchcraft, cast spells, talk with mediums or anything that had to do with divination because these sort of things were an abomination to the Lord. The five approach of principles that I can apply to my own life are as follow: (1) This law meant that the people should not practice what they learned from or saw what the Egyptian had done in witchcraft..

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This law has the same understanding as the first commandment and that there was only one true God and that He was a Jealous God, (Exodus 34:14). I believe in the one true God. (2) This law is of the old covenant but this one is still in effect because there are many people who is in working with mediums, soothsayers, and use some form of divination. In the New Testament book of Revelation, 22:14-15 explains that anyone who practice the magic arts will not be let in the gates of heaven. (3)The universal principle is the name in both the Old Testament and the New Testament which is very clear on the matter of witchcraft.

The only difference is that in the Old the people of God would have killed the soothsayer but in the New, God would bring them to their end. (4) To correlate this principle with the Old Testament with the New Testament teaching is that in today?was time, this law is overlooked. There is witchcraft practiced in everything that is done. From read a person?was horoscope, to wanting to cast a spell on someone like you see them do on TV. The law was written for the tribe of Israel but the laws now apply to the gentile who believes in the Lord. 5) To apply this step to today?was life, we must show the unsaved how not to fall under the spells of witchcraft by not going to the movies, or watching any TV show that glossaries mediums, soothsayers, and demotes witchcraft. It is funny to how something in the laws have changed but some have stayed the same for over 2,000 years. In conclusion My conclusion is that because God did not want His people to have the morals of the people of the world, He gave them the laws and rules that they are to live by.