In the state of California the website for the Board of Nursing is www. Urn. Ca. Gob. This website has many uses and functions with a main purpose of the agency Is to Implementation and enforcement of the Nursing Practice Act which are the laws related to nursing education, licenser, practice, and discipline. The Board of Nursing protects consumers by setting URN educational standards, approving

California nursing programs, evaluating licenser applications, Issuing and renewing licenses, Issuing certificates, taking disciplinary action, managing a diversion program, and operating a 24-hour toll free licensing verification system and online license verification system. The agency regulates the Integrity of performance by Glenn the visitors of the website a place to file a complaint, look up product recalls, request a speaker, and search for Jobs. It also gives a place for a viewer to look up he enforcement procedures for performance as well as the reports of their findings.

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This site supports the consumer as well as nurses. It allows for hiring businesses to look up active nurses and allows for current nurses to find sources for renewal. Career opportunities, and financial assistance. The site also provides that requirements to becoming a registered nursing in California which are choosing the type of nursing school you want to attend, applying for college and financial aid, and obtaining the URN license by completing the application package on the website and completing a fingerprint background check, and lastly taking the UNCLE upon graduation from school.

There are a few agencies that come to mind as being similar such as the website www. Ca. Gob and I believe the University of Phoenix site as well. These sites all provide information on how to complete the goals you need to including steps to take, Job opportunities, etc.