Health Assessment of the lamoth’s Family, using the Gordon’s 11 Functional Health Patterns.

The Gordon’s 11 Functional Health Patterns Assessment is a very useful tool in assessing and evaluating the family’s established health patterns, allowing the care provider an inside look at the overall health of a particular family and able to assist them in setting goals for better health outcome for the entire family. This paper will discuss the health habits and manner of functioning of the Lamoth’s family, which consist of a mother age 41, father age 37, and 3 teenage sons, ranging in ages from 19, 16 and 14.

This assessment will be conducted by asking 2 to 3 open-ended questions based on Gordon’s 11 Functional Health Patterns. The findings of Health Patterns of the Lamoth’s Family, using Gordon’s Health Assessment. The Lamoth’ Family is your typical family with a mother, father and 3 children. They have some set values and beliefs, and yet have some chaotic health behaviors which can become problematic eventually in the future, especially for the mother. In evaluating and assessing this family, it is evident that it is a family in which members care for one another very much. In the Pattern of Health Perception and Assessment, this family has a routine by which they will not seek medical assistance unless in emergency needs, but do follow up annually with their Primary Care Provider.

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The Lamoth’s family’s does not have a set regimen for exercises for its members and one member in particular, the mother is left out of the activities of the family due to responsibilities, though she suffers from borderline hypertension, obesity and high cholesterol. The family’s nutrition suffers, because of the mother’s stretched out schedule, as the sole provider to the family, it can be difficult to be the cook and therefore most of the weekdays everyone enjoy take outs of their choice with money she provides for that purpose. It becomes harder to follow a healthy eating regimen for this family who most morning eat no breakfast, seldom sit down to eat together except on Holidays, this puts the family at a nutritional risks for many deficiencies in vitamins and nutrients and monitoring of fat contents of their meals.

The Lamoth’s family drinks plenty of water but not enough to sustain their basic metabolic needs, each member have their habits of drinking fluids the teens enjoy drinking juices instead of water, though the mother drinks water she reports most time she is on the run and does not have the chance to drink adequate amount of water which in some cases have led to constipation and irritable bowels. In the Lamoth’s family though they have an unhealthy eating habit but salads and high fiber breads are provided to encourage ease in elimination, most times the salads are wasted therefore some of the members suffer from constipation and bloating. Water intake is encouraged by mother who herself does not practice what she preaches due to strained schedule.

Exercises and activities in the Lamoth’s family is sparingly practiced, everyone does a little bit of this and that except for the mother who does not do much exercises due to scheduling. The Lamoth’s family ensures that all its members are able to function and communicate with the world around them, all issues surrounding senses are cared for annually, eye exams, hearing tests and so on, Acne problems are dealt with diligently due to risk of low self-esteem. They communicate with each other well and respects each other’s views. In the Lamoth’s Family, the sleep schedule is disturbed for the father and mother, they work at night, especially the mother she is always tired due to lack of sleep, the 2 younger sons go to bed at a set time for school and the eldest has no sleep schedule, sleeps at all hours day or night.

This family has no issues with insomnia and do not believe in sleeping aids. With Pattern of Self Perception and Self Concept, the mother feels overwhelmed, too many responsibilities, father is not helping much with chores and bills, children feel they are responsible only for their school work and are reluctant to help around the house, for the exception of the middle son who cleans up the house and does dishes without asking. As for the members of the Lamoth’s family role, the mother is the sole provider for the family, wears many hats and family cannot stand without her, father also husband, stressed over not providing for his family due to lack of jobs, works part time but only to maintain child support to previous children.

The children see themselves as dependents in this family, not responsible for anything. The Lamoth’s family members are open minded, mother and father discuss with teenage sons all the do’s and don’ts about sex and self-protection and legal issues surrounding inappropriate sexual behaviors. The Lamoth family believes in the use of condoms for safer practices, but encourage abstinence to the teenage boys. As for Coping and Stress Tolerance, this family has dealt with stress based on mother’s ability to handle them, all stressors come to her and most likely will be resolved by her, so every member of the family relies on her coping to assist them in coping. Mother copes best through prayers, believing God has the answer for everything. The Lamoth family is Christian by Faith, Pentecostal, they worship on Sundays, and they pray and fast.

For the Lamoth’s family many health risks factors have been identified especially with the mother, potential health problems relating to poor diet and exercise, lack of sleep and rest will cause a breakdown in functioning for the entire family, since the mother seems to be the main provider and source of solutions to every member’s problems, if she collapses, everything collapses. The proper Nursing Diagnosis for this family should be focusing on the Nutritional Health of the entire family. Nursing Diagnosis is Readiness for enhanced Nutritional Metabolic Patterns, The Lamoth’s Family, will work together in efforts to prepare homemade meals at least 3 to 4 times per week, will make healthier choices when shopping for takeout meals. The Lamoth’s Family will have an established routine of weekly meals preparation within the following 3 months.

The following Wellness Nursing Diagnosis for the Lamoth’s family is Readiness for Enhanced Self Care Activities, the Lamoth’ family members especially the mother will make time each week for some self-care, will exercise at least twice per week, will create a fun activity for the family including the mother at least every other weekends within the next 6 weeks. Conclusion: This family Health Assessment of the Lamoth’s family allowed for a Holistic view of the belief system, health practices and wellness level of the family, allowed for the opportunity for the care provided to better assist the family in achieving a higher standard of living while assisting them in planning for achievable goals for Wellness of all members of the family.


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