The present memo describes the current state and design of a healthcare organization for providing strategic inputs to improve organization performance in treatment of patients and operational efficiency of medical process. St. John Hospital provides the best services applied in a healthcare organization for concerned population. St John Hospital serves the community surrounding the near-by areas of the healthcare organization. The service operation in the hospital deals with acute disease.

There are more than 600 beds available for the patient. This is the only academic institute available in the area for rural population. The population of the area is around 300,000 people. St. John Hospital has mix of centralized and decentralized organization design. The centralized design of my healthcare organization follows the hierarchical structure and single policy to govern the process of management, finance, marketing and legal concerns. The decentralized design of St John Hospital revolves around the patient care and medical services.

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Decentralization provides each unit the autonomy in exercising the process of medical care for the best possible treatment of patient as well as freedom to employee in managing their activities. The services of St John Hospital are available to each habitat of the district. Medical facilities deal with acute health issues of people. The Hospital also serves patients requiring surgery for curing the illness along with post-care treatment for complete healing.

The primary needs and expectations of patients revolve around easy accessibility at St.John Hospital for in-patient and out-patient service. Medical emergencies remain available round the clock for treating the injured or severely ill patients. Patients want the best possible treatment for acute disease, surgery, and various illnesses. Specialist doctors, caring nurses, and administrative staff creates healing environment in the hospital for speedy recovery of the patient (Verma, Sarita, Paterson, Margo, Medves & Jennifer, 2006).

Patient deserves the right of treatment with respect and dignity in compliance with bill of rights (Verma et al, 2006). St.John Hospital establishes their unique position in the healthcare services on the basis of customer benefits and perceived value. The competencies of organization lies in provision of expert services for clinical care, formulating resource optimization model efficiently using available resources, recording patient’s status round the clock, providing intensive care for emergency cases, and quality care to the patient in healing and safe environment (Shewchuk, Connor & Fine, 2005).

The competencies of all staffs in organizations are directly associated with patient’s perceived value of the St.John’s Hospital according to the benefits and services they are availing. If employee of the healthcare organization explains the medical process to the patient using effective communication styles, this increase the faith of customer in the commitment of hospital for wellness of in-patient or out-patient (Verma et al, 2006). Nurses can contribute effectively through active participation in community events to increase the awareness of population for preventive measurement required for controlling avoidable disease (Verma et al, 2006).

This adheres to the hospital images of treating the entire population as family. Teamwork and co-operation between staffs to resolve the issues of patient further enhances the reputation of hospital for treating patient with dignity and respect along with complying with principles of quality care (Verma et al, 2006). The core organization competencies of St John Hospital align with vision and mission statement of the healthcare institute to underpin customer’s perceived benefits and value of services.

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