I have come to a point where I am aware of my readiness to further my education And with my intent to pursue a degree that will not only make me attain self-fulfillment but also allow me the opportunity to be of service to others, I have decided on pursuing a degree in Nursing as my life’s calling. Foremost among my reasons for arriving at this decision is my desire to be in the forefront of medical and health care services.

I know that this profession is primarily concerned with caring for the sick, be it in hospital or home care settings, and I am in great anticipation of finally being given the chance to be able to live my life’s dreams. Perhaps more than these reasons, my decision to be a nurse stems from the reality that a day will come when my loved ones will be needing professional yet compassionate health care services in their times of sickness, and I would obligingly volunteer to be the one who will attend to these needs.

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Given these reasons, the first option for me is to look for academic institutions that have shown their competence in the field of Nursing over the years, and hope to be among the successful candidates to be accepted. With this in mind, New Orleans’ LSU School of Nursing comes as the first choice, the top in the list, of universities that I would really prefer to be educated in. The reasons for this are plenty as they are relevant, especially since LSU is an academe that has proven its excellence in various fields of disciplines.

Under the guidance of LSUHSC, I am certain that I will be benefited with the best education system there is and be blessed with a sense of social/interpersonal advocacy that I feel is important in the medical profession, especially in providing health services. Likewise, based on the university’s reputation, I am aware that they hold equally high importance to the students’ competence as well as their personal core values, which results in graduates being both socially responsible as they are highly efficient in their chosen fields of expertise.

This, I believe, is the true measure of a really proficient nursing professional. As aforementioned, I believe I am at a phase in my life where I am ready to face greater challenges and responsibilities in my academic endeavors. This does not only mean my intellectual maturity, but also emotional as I am ready to include an advocacy towards service to others in my life’s calling.

I believe that now is the most opportune time for me to endeavor in this pursuit of my dreams, as I now possess a multi-faceted maturity in my persona that I am sure will be beneficial as I face greater challenges ahead. My present level of maturity will make me capable of administering professional care services while at the same time exhibiting compassion towards the sick. I believe these are the appropriate components that will serve as plus factors in my chosen endeavor: utmost professional competence combined with a personal compassion for the sick.

Viewing the stated LSU-HSC’s Vision and Mission Statements, I have come to a realization of my preparedness to be educated by a premier academic institution. This can be based on my self-perception that I posses the personal advocacy to deliver truly professional health care services, and am aspiring to be educated under the strictest of academic standards. Caring, Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence, are virtues that I have always thought of exhibiting, and are likewise the Core Values of this university.

It is of no coincidence that these qualities are the very ones that I have aspired to possess in my coming years as a professional medical practitioner, especially since I have been on a deliberate attempt to mold my persona according to the aforementioned characteristics, and has since been intrinsically incorporated. More so, my present intellectual and emotional maturity will make it easier for me to adjust and to assimilate to the high standard that is set by LSU-HSC, in both the academic and personal requirements that they expect out of every successful candidate.