Biological factors also are pivotal to understanding the multi-factorial model because it helps aid researchers in identifying all the diseases and any other ailments that are part of person’s family history (Wisped. Org). For example, illnesses such as Alchemist’s and heart disease that have been a part of that Individuals family for many years, then that person may be predisposed to these Illnesses because It Is a part of their family history and this will increase their likelihood of getting these illnesses more than other people who does not have the family history of Alchemist’s and heart disease.

There is another part of the multi-factorial which is environmental factors. This includes natural disasters, pollution, and water quality. As we already know that elution Is an environmental Issue that can also contribute to Illnesses. Also carbon monoxide, a colorless odorless gas found in cigarette smoke, auto fumes and also smog, will decrease the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood (Envied and Rather, 2005). We already know that the carbon monoxide will affect people’s cognition and alters someone’s perception of time.

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There are some major metropolitan areas and cities that are very familiar in how to warn people and telling them to stay inside their house or away from certain places to reduce consuming polluted air that may accumulate from smog. A lot of people think that alarm pollution Is not an Important obstruction, but it actually is because it can really have a fatal impact on human life. Coloratura factors are another component of the multi-factorial model as well. This includes socioeconomic status that can have a major impact on a person’s health.

Those that are struggling from socioeconomic are under a lot more pressure from dally life hassles and this makes them live a life that is not very conducive to their own health (Wakefield. Com). Novel and Rather (2005) assert that Individuals hat are poorly educated are more likely to have a poor socioeconomic status. Also not having a good paying job and also poor living circumstances will also translate into adopting poor lifestyle choices, which has shown to having negative impact on a person’s health.

Envied and Rather (2005) also have explained that there is an association between low education levels and access to decent healthcare so the individuals with lower socioeconomic standing are less likely to eat healthy and even exercise, which can be a very major factor of obesity and very poor health for that person. Personality is another major multi-factorial model. The factors of this multi- factorial can effect a person’s health include tendencies to express or repress emotions of rage and frustration, despair and apprehension, and optimism or pessimism (Wisped. Mom). A lot of people do not know that personality can affect health because If someone Is always expressing disturbing emotions then that person may develop near problems or possibly toner Illnesses. Behavioral responses are also another multi-factorial model. This factor includes diet, sleeping patterns, and how frequently someone exercises. This factor can affect health because if someone is not very mindful of their diet, this can be a negative impact to that person’s health.

If a person is constantly consuming food that is high in Trans fat and fails to exercise on a regular basis, then that person is more likely to develop heart disease and possibly other illnesses. The last multi-factorial model is the various stresses that affect daily life. This includes daily hassles such as getting ready for work, and school, preparing meals for the family and having major life changes such as divorces, or even a death of a loved one.

Preparing meals for family might seem to be undemanding, but if you stop and consider the amount of food that needs to be prepared and the long process of food preparation this can be a stresses especially if you already had a busy workday or have been busy around the house. Multi-factorial models show how different factors in human life can affect health. There are many health-related illnesses that occur every day and are very difficult to explain, but the doctors will examine all the factors in the model and then determine a person’s diagnosis by studying how their lifestyles may correspond with the information in the multi-factorial model.

The two types of illnesses that I choose are headaches and heart disease. These two illnesses affect a large population in the United States each year. Headaches are very common physical head pain that most people will experience at some point in their lives. However, headaches sometimes can go from mild to severe. There are two headaches that the most common forms of headaches and they are migraine headaches and the muscle tension headaches which usually progress slowly.

According to Envied and Rather (2005), they are the most often described as dull, teddy pain on both sides of the head and feeling of tightness or vice like pressure throughout the head. The muscle tension headaches can be caused by various factors which may include physical illness or stress. The multi-factorial model can also help to indemnify a muscle-tension headache by analyzing stress-inducing factors. The migraine headaches are a lot more serious, then the muscle-tension headaches. Envied and Rather explain (2005) that migraine headaches usually begin suddenly and are described by being severe pounding pains on one side of the head.

Also according to Envied and Rather (2005), the migraines themselves are often accompanied by sensitivity to light, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, sensory and motor disturbances such as loss of balance and even mood changes. Migraines can also be caused by stresses and behavioral responses and are the most painful than the muscle-tension headaches. As we all know that headaches are treatable. There are several over the counter medications that people can take to relieve the pain in their head. For migraine headaches you can also get prescription medicines from your doctor to help with the main as well (Conrad-stopple, M, n. ). The way to prevent from getting a headache knows the way to avoid them. There are certain foods and circumstances that cause maleness Ana It may De Test IT Tanat person trees to Aviva some AT ten T s Ana toner things that may be causing their headaches (Conrad-Stopples, M, n. D). There is psychologist that attempt to understand headaches by learning what the underlying cause could be. As aforementioned, most headaches are caused by stress (Conrad-Stopples, M, n. D). However, stress is a psychological response that can be reverted.

The psychologists tend to study stress through research from various case studies. Headaches that are caused by stress can be examined by series of different tests and interviews and most people that struggle with stress will allow psychologists to interview them by asking them a list of questions. The questions that the psychologists ask will help uncover the main cause of stress that is the result of the migraine or any other kind of headache that the patient is struggling with. Another important disease is the coronary heart disease.

This disease is the eating cause of death in the United States (www. American’s. Org). The causes of coronary heart disease includes obesity, smoking, high cholesterol, and hypertension. The unhealthy lifestyle factors that may cause coronary heart disease are smoking, drinking, and overeating (www. American’s. Org). Also personality factors may also contribute to coronary heart disease because type A people who are very aggressive or angry are more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease than any other mild- natured individuals.

According to Envied and Rather (2005), chronically hostile and angry people also have higher levels of blood cholesterol and blood pressure, which are also two major risk factors for coronary heart disease and possibly and early death. The last thing is that a person’s family health history can also contribute to coronary heart disease because the people that have a family history of coronary heart disease are more likely to suffer a heart attack (whom. WebMD. Com). There is a way for a people to reduce their chances of coronary heart disease, by simply altering some lifestyle choices.

Eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis, ND avoiding smoking are three lifestyle adjustments that need to be made in order to reduce a person’s chance of getting coronary heart disease (whom. WebMD. Com). Also monitoring cholesterol and watching hypertension by taking medication will also help reduce chances of getting coronary heart disease (whom. WebMD. Com). The last is subduing type A personality traits can also help reduce the chances of coronary heart disease because people can learn how to manage their aggression and anger in healthy ways.

The psychologist tries to understand coronary heart disease by studying an individual’s family backgrounds along with their lifestyle choices they make including behavioral patterns and their personality characteristics. Also the psychologist’s tries and help people by teaching them how to live a healthier life by teaching them how to change some of their risk factors that are within their control (www. American’s. Org)). They also will inform then if a certain high risk problem is not controlled then it can be fatal for that person (www. American’s. Org).