With the inceptions of programs such as Project Fit American, the role of P. E in schools across the United States is becoming increasingly more important. Parents and students alike are starting to understand the importance of physical education to assist in bringing about a healthy lifestyle. However, research shows that this is only the beginning and more work is needed before we begin to see a real change. Reports such as the Surgeon General’s, illustrate our nations’ current condition with a lack of fitness and wellness.

In the past, physical education has been viewed as a time where kids run around playing games. Perhaps in even some schools it was an organized form of recess. I believe the complete opposite of this concept is more effective. Children learn best when they have optimal practice time, the equipment to use each activity and efficient use of the allocated time. P. E lessons also need to incorporate a variety of activities with students having involvement in their own learning by getting to choose some of the activities.

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By providing a wide range of activities, I hope to broaden students’ minds and expose them to many different activities in an effort to encourage them to develop a lifetime love of active participation. Although Physical Education is, as the name implies, physical in nature; this is only part of what it is about. Today’s P. E classes should not only be about exercise, but about challenging students to be mentally, emotionally and physically fit. As a physical education teacher I am a professional, and most importantly I am an educator. Although P.

E can and should be lots of fun, my goal in the process is to educate children. I believe that it is my responsibility to teach my students how to be healthy and to stress the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through activities, games and projects. As an educator I help them to set their own goals and assist them in reaching or exceeding these goals. Change can rarely be forced, even if the change results in something positive. In looking throughout history we note that the most sucessful change comes through educating and empowering people to make the change.

In the process of achieving the above, I am faced with new challenges. I must be ready and prepared to teach a growing diverse population, all who have different needs, backgrounds, and unique methods of learning. Individualizing instruction is a valuable tool in quality education and can be one of the best tools available in helping students reach their goals. Communication with parents to explain the importance of physical education outside of the P. E class will be greatly beneficial as well as useful in understanding the unique needs of each child.

Only through my own commitment to lifelong learning will I be able to change and mold my approaches to reach these goals. My goals however, center on my philosophy of education. I am convinced that all students should attend class to gain information that is useful, relevant and can be used outside of the actual class. As mentioned above, each class is comprised of different dynamics. Although the instructional approaches and strategies may change from class to class, the philosophy stays the same.

The different strategies used depend on what is needed to motivate the students and help them in achieving their goals as healthy, lifelong learners. In conclusion, P. E teachers have a wonderful opportunity to make a real difference. As a teacher of physical education I have the ability and responsibility to be a critical part of empowering children in discovering their true potential. In the process I am able to provide them with the tools they need to reach that potential. By continually staying abreast of new developments in P. E and incorporating new ideas such as PFA, my students will have an experience that will last a lifetime.